3 New Types of Twitter Spam

Twitter spammers are at it, again.

If it wasn’t enough with the Twitter direct messages (DMs) with offers about “making money with Google” or “make $500 a day online”, now there are more kinds of Twitter spam that you can add to your list.

Here is a review of 3 new types of Twitter spam.

1. Direct Messages (DMs) asking to log in to a fake Twitter.com.

This an oldie with a new twist.  Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, and his Twitter engineers warned us back in January 2009 about this type of spam.

This DMs link its clickers to some Twitter lookalikes asking to re-enter your Twitter log in information.

Here’s how to spot the fake Twitter pages: check your URL bar for funny looking URLs such as http://twitter.access-logins.com. The only correct URLs for logging in to Twitter are http://www.twitter.com and http://www.twitter.com/login.

2. Direct Messages (DMs) asking for your IQ or whether it is you in a picture.

This type of Twitter spam is self explanatory. If you see any variations of these type of two questions:

  • Is your IQ higher than mine?
  • Is this you?

Delete the DM and ask your follower to read these 4 Steps to Get Rid of Twitter Spam because he/she might not realize that he/she has granted access to his/her Twitter account to a malicious Twitter app developer. Help your followers, it’s good karma.

3. Fake cuties, even faker Twitter accounts.

This type of spam makes use of two things:

  1. Twitter trending topics.
  2. Pictures of good looking guys and gals.

This form of spam is aimed at people that take a look at the trending topics. In this example, the trending topics were Comic-Con, USF Tampa, Jaz-Z, Follow Friday and Lynn Harris. By adding a profile pic that is easy on the eye, the Twitter spammer expects that somebody will be curious enough to click on the malicious links.

Resist. Don’t click!

A variation of this technique is to send you a direct @ reply. Take a look at the one that I received a couple weeks ago:

Resist. Don’t click!


I hope that this list of 3 new types of Twitter spam help you avoid malicious activity from Twitter developers.

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