LivingSocial Offers 50% at Amazon

amazon gift card livingsocial

Mashable reported than more than 230,000 vouchers were purchased two hours after the offer had gone live. As of 16:32 HST, a total of 1,084,998 gift cards have been sold.

That’s almost $11 million in gross sales for the Washington, D.C. based startup. About a month ago invested $175 million into LivingSocial, it appears as it made a smart investment.

Get your gift card today. you still have about 10 hours (as of 16:35 HST).

UPDATE (01/20/11): LivingSocial sold a total of 1,301,296 Amazon gift cards. $13,012,960 in gross sales for one day’s work is not bad at all.


Damian Davila

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