Groupon by the Numbers


$750 million
Value of stock the company expects to sell in its IPO

$6 billion
Amount Google reportedly offered to pay for Groupon last year

$1.4 billion
Value placed on the company based on 2010 investments by venture capital firms

$30 billion
Maximum value of the company expected to be reflected in the IPO — surpassing Google’s value at its IPO

$1.2 billion
Size of Google’s IPO in 2004. Professional networking site LinkedIn raised $217 million in its May offering

Groupon’s revenue for all of 2008 $713 million
Groupon’s 2010 revenue

$413 million
The company’s net loss that year

$645 million
Groupon’s revenue for the first three months of 2011

$114 million
Amount of money the company lost in the same quarter of 2011

30 million
Number of discount coupons (Groupons) sold in 2010

28 million
Number of Groupons the company sold in the first quarter of 2011

1.8 million
Number of Groupons sold in the same period last year

Number of merchants selling through Groupon in the first quarter of this year

Number of merchants on board in the first quarter of last year

15 million
Number of customers who bought Groupons in the first three months of 2011

Number of customers who bought Groupons in the first three months of 2010

83 million
Number of Groupon email subscribers as of March 31

3.4 million
Number of email subscribers a year earlier

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