4 Job Search Apps for Android

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The best job search app is the one that enables you to forget altogether about the job search app. That app that will help you to land a plum new position with an up and coming firm; the app that brings to fruition the ideal of Spock: the ideal app whose mission can be paraphrased as ‘the needs of the app user, outweigh the needs of the app.’ When the job search app has fulfilled it’s mission and brought the user safely to port in the harbors of that multi-national conglomerate or other presumably corporate entity. The objective of the quest, thus fulfilled, the app can then ‘ride off into the sunset’ with the certain knowledge of a job well done.

Job Search

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Job Search by indeed, offers a wealth of employment opportunities in almost every conceivable category of vocation in major countries across the civilized world. Its geocentric orientation saves its users gobs of time in the seemingly endless task of finding gainful employment. Oh the joy if this is the app that finally puts a stop to such distasteful business. The proof is in the pudding. The accolades of gushing job seekers that have magically found careers thanks to Job Search in the online reviews speak of results that are sure to attract more aspirants. The app remembers when you were last logged on to the site and begins your next search from where you left off.


LinkUp obviously knows that the competition is fierce in its category of content. That could explain why they only offer the unique vantage point of listings from company web sites. Which when you think about it, makes quite a lot of sense. This approach reduces the repetition of employment offers and of offers of spurious nature. Because you are dealing directly with companies that are looking to hire, your resume stands a better chance of actually beingperused. Rather than tossed onto the digital scrap heap. The app only offers positions in the United States.

Government Jobs

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Government Jobs is your key to gaining access to the notoriously high remuneration shoveled into the bank accounts of our worthy and even for some of our not so worthy public servants. While there is a movement to curb the plum pensions and medical benefits received by the employees of the United States Government, the entrenched special interest groups in control of the purse strings are sure to find the ways and means to funnel the loot to their constituents in the drivers’ seats of this perennial cash cow. There still may be time to weasel in on the action.

Motion Technologies

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Motion Technologies offer a collection of apps for those involved in a job search. The apps offered up by their site have the advantage of being industry specific. From accounting to security jobs and all classifications in between, the Motion Technologies offerings give you detailed results in only certain job categories that the job hunter selects.

This approach can save you time sorting through the myriad choices of avocations offered by some of the other less specific Android apps. It has been said that it pays to specialize. By concentrating your employment search efforts to one area with one of the MT apps, you can eliminate the need to browse those positions that are not relevant to your individual qualifications.

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  1. I prefer GetAJob because it aggregates the content of all the apps in the list in a single app and also I can use Evernote to annotate the jobs!

  2. One of the things I encountered, in the years that I worked as JOB agent, was the high cost off advertising.
    The number of JOB applicants, not adding up to the price we paid.
    A lot of irrelevant mails in my mailbox, nagging account managers, logins and so on.
    And yes, I ‘am a great fan of the Internet and the things that can be achieved, concerning the search for Jobs, and finding the right person that can do the Job.
    But I did learn one thing, from all the mails I received, and all the calls I did, to the applicants that send me a mail, maybe 5% of them are serious. But the ones with a slight more old fashioned approach, the ones that call first and ask if the can send a CV are the ones that are the more eager, the ones that give more effort.
    So the moment we started the thought of http://www.jobs.co.uk we did consider a few things keeping in mind of what I have learned of the past.
    – First is keep it simple as well for the Job seeker, as well for the Employer.
    – Maintain low Budget so it is in the interest of the employer.
    – Let the Job seeker know there is a Job offer.
    – Avoid the Employer gets an overload of mails and cv’s.
    All this put together made us launch http://www.jobs.co.uk and hope we do have the site completely functional by January 2015.
    Patrick Ros
    P. Ros Marketing and initiator of http://www.jobs.co.uk

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