Is Your Logo All It Could Be? [Infographic]

logo infographic

The logo you design to represent your business will have an impact on your customers far longer than any other advertising tools you may use. This one symbol can deliver a message, provoke an emotional response, or trigger quick and useful associations in your customers. You can take advantage of all of these results, but in order to do so, you must have a well-thought out and executed logo. Think about some of your favorite companies. Now think about their use of meaningful symbols. There’s probably some correlation between which companies popped into your head first and the quality of their logos.

As you give some thought to the qualities that successful logos share, you’ll find that much more goes into choosing an effective symbol than just a quick online search of words relating to your business. You also need to consider who you’re directing your marketing toward, how well your symbol will stand out, whether or not the theme has been overdone or fits into a current trend, and how memorable the resulting logo will be. Details such as how much white space is in your image and whether or not your shapes are conveying the right message can have a huge impact on the success of your logo. Are you prepared to hash out those details?

The following infographic by Company Folders has important tips and tricks that will guide you through the creative process and design the perfect logo.

How to Design the Perfect Logo

How to Design the Perfect Logo

Image Credit: olarte.ollie

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