Bill Gates’s Favorite Ed-Tech Startups


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF or the Gates Foundation) aims, globally, to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, and in America, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology. Given that it is the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world, the views of their founders in education have tremendous repercussion within that field. Therefore, it is interesting to learn what Bill Gates’ favorite ed-tech startups are. Here is the list.

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Ergonomic Consultancy: A Business Opportunity

wrong sitting

Does this picture seem familiar? It may even reflect how you are sitting right now. Now you may even be rearranging your sitting position as you are reading this. As a blogger and marketing consultant I spend a lot of time sitting down in front of a computer typing away and taking calls. I am guilty of improper posture myself. Since one of my coworkers, who is around of my same age, got diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and had to go through a very invasive surgery, I have taken several steps towards improving the ergonomics from my workspace at both the office and home.

In the process of doing so, I have realized that if you are looking for to start a business with  a high potential for success, and one that can change lives for the better, entrepreneurs should consider the world of ergonomic consulting.

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Pinterest’s List of Imitators – Part 2

pintrerest imitators

Here is the second part to the list of Pinterest imitators that have risen to ride on the wave of popularity from the social media site.

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Pinterest’s List of Imitators – Part 1

The rise of Pinterest as one of the most visited sites on the Internet is well known.

The graph above tells the story better than anybody else: Pinterest and its CEO, Ben Silbermann, have the eyeballs.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that there are lot of Pinterest copycats running around. Fast Company released in October 2012 a list of Pinterest imitators. In this first list, we will take a look at the obvious knockoffs and in an upcoming article we will take a look at those startups that offer a fresh take.

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Watch This Guy Draw Pinterest’s CEO Using 22,765 Pushpins [Video]

Artist Eric Daigh used exactly 22,765 pushpins to create a portrait of Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann for a feature in Fast Company’s 2012 Design Issue. Co.Design interviewed Eric Daigh to learn more about his creative process.

Ben Silbermann Portrait with Pushpins

Photo Credit: Fast Company

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