Los Links Son Malos

According to Dr. Korzenny from the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at the Florida State University, when compared to other ethnicities, U.S. Latinos appear to consume more digital content. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that U.S. Latinos is… Continue Reading

Web Visitors Flock to Career Sites

For career sites, there’s no business like the recession business! With the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting an over 9% unemployment rate in June 2009, it appears that job search sites will continue to show an accelerated growth during… Continue Reading

Latin America leads the recovery in advertising spending worldwide

In June 30, 2009, we reviewed at idaconcpts that talking about Latinos as a group is difficult because this group has so many commonalities with various ethnic groups, that trying to seggregate websites between Latino and non-Latino is a strategy… Continue Reading

E-mail Marketing Open and Click-Through Rates Worldwide

Welcome back! Back in March 2009, we reviewed how to measure the click-through rate (CTR) of your e-mail permission marketing campaign with Google Analytics, so I believe it would be very useful to now provide you a benchmark to compare… Continue Reading

How to Measure the CTR of Your E-mail Permission Marketing Campaign with Google Analytics

On the last post, we discussed about E-mail Permission Marketing Fundamentals and how to get started with your e-mail permission marketing campaign.  Why? Because E-mail Permission Marketing: it works! As promised, I will talk in this post about “How to… Continue Reading