How Facebook Does E-mail Newsletters III

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Is Facebook the Right Marketing Channel for You?

For a while organizations hesitated to jump on the Facebook bandwagon. A couple brave organizations ventured into creating a Facebook Profile, Group or Page to manage its online presence on this social network. However nowadays everybody and, even your mother,… Continue Reading

How Facebook Does E-mail Newsletters II

In October 2009, we analyzed an e-mail newsletter from Facebook titled Ads Manager Announcement that was directed to the  Facebook Ads users. This newsletter is a great example of how to implement permission marketing, how to avoid the brochure mentality,… Continue Reading

Keeping in Touch with Classmates via Facebook

Back in May 2009, I wrote a review of the application LinkedIn Polls available on LinkedIn and how LinkedIn Polls can be used to do some great permission e-mail marketing polling. I strongly believe that this LinkedIn application is a… Continue Reading