The Quest for More Twitter Followers

twitter app windowsIn an earlier guest post by Stacey Cavenagh, she pointed out:

Twitter has proven itself a massively successful social media tool both for recreational and professional networking use. Equally as popular these days with businesses as celebs, the site has exploded into unprecedented popularity over the last 18 months.

But it’s not quite as simple as just logging on, typing up a short message about what breakfast cereal you’re having and then finding instant micro-blogging success. Nope! Gathering followers takes patience and a little imagination with those ‘Tweets’.

Stacey highlights how hard and time-consuming it can be to get more Twitter followers. There are several methods for increasing your follower count, both manual and automatic.

On the automatic side, there are several Twitter apps out there that, when used appropriately, could help you increase your follower count.

iPhone Twitter Apps

Tweeting? There is an app for that.

Actually there are several iPhone apps to make your quest for more Twitter followers more manageable.

The AppleBlog provides a review in table form of 12 Twitter client apps (click on table for larger image):

review of iphone twitter apps

Personally, I have used Twitterrific and Tweetie and I have found Tweetie to be more useful because it provides everything in one app: multiple account management, favorites, tweet and DM deleting, following, trends, location, re-tweets, and photos. For just $2.99, it definitely provides great bang for your buck when tweeting via your iPhone.

Twitter Apps for your PC

However, not everybody can afford to buy an expensive smartphone. Given the popularity of Twitter, it is not surprising that there has been an explosion in Twitter apps.

DigitalInspiration provides a summary of several desktop clients for Windows that allow you to gather more Twitter followers.

Twitter Software Supported Services Does the App requires Adobe AIR? Support for Multiple Twitter accounts? Support for Twitter Lists Supported media sharing sites*
TweetDeck Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace Yes Yes Yes TweetPhoto, TwitPic, YFrog, TweetShrink
Seesmic Desktop Twitter, Facebook Yes Yes Yes Posterous, TwitPic, Twitgoo, yfrog
Seesmic for Windows Twitter No Yes Yes Twitpic, YFrog
twhirl Twitter,, Friendfeed Yes Yes No YFrog
DestroyTwitter Twitter Yes No No TweetPhoto, Twitgoo, TwitPic, Posterous, yFrog, TwitDoc, TweetShrink
Sobees lite Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn No Yes Yes TweetShrink, TwitPic
Blu Twitter No No No TwitPic
Mixero Twitter, Facebook Yes Yes Yes TwitPic, YFrog, Posterous, TweetShrink
SharedMinds Desktop Twitter No Yes No None


No matter what Twitter app you use, it is important to ask yourself this question before you tweet to them: What will my followers get out of this? Provide value.

Best of luck in your quest for more Twitter followers!

Author: Damian Davila

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  1. I have been looking at a software called Marketmesuite that appears similar to Tweetdeck it seems. Have you any experience/opinion on this one?

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