Daniel Footwear.com Has a Fresh New Look

At the end of last year all organisations were struggling to beat the credit crisis and keep consumers engaged with their brand. For e-commerce stores the challenge was harder as everything was taking place amongst a competitive World Wide Web platform, plus budgets for promotional and marketing activity became much tighter.

Daniel Footwear decided to invite SEO company, Blueclaw to re- style and improve their online retail store, with hope to gain an edge over their competitors and provide excellent consumer usability. The brief from Daniel Footwear covered the following issues.

The main problems with their original site consisted of:

  • Weak checkout system that struggled to provide customers with functions they needed to purchase and make payments sufficiently. The process was very long and drawn out leading to consumers losing interest quickly and clicking off the site.
  • The site did not allow downloads and cross promotional activity which prevented problems when trying to promote products in a wider field.  Lacked useful information such as customer, product reviews which usually persuade customers to buy through recommendation.
  • Restricted visibility which made it difficult for consumers to view products clearly and find products of interest.

Within six months Blueclaw had come up with a brand new site that screamed clean, attractive and proficient. The content management system gave Daniel Footwear the chance to export and import data easily, meaning that new promotions could now be made live promptly. With a refine search tool and the option to zoom in on specific products, shoppers were now provided with clarity and detailed images along with visible information. The product category descriptions appeared unique and give an in depth description to aid with the purchasing decision, improving consumer usability.

As well as designing a more modern and manageable site, Blueclaw provided an extensive PPC and SEO package that lifted the organisation and put them ahead of the game. The extra help from social media and online PR aided the drive of traffic to their site and increasingly boosted their conversions.  Along with email activity and online promotions the strategy behind Daniel became stronger and positive results started to become obvious. With the integration of social media, Daniel footwear customers are now able to rate and blog about specific products which adds to the process of their viral marketing.

Within the first week of going live with the new site Daniel Footwear doubled their sales and reached page one for their competitive key words. The conversion rate increased by over 100 % within the first two weeks after the site went live.  Daniel has seen a dramatic change in the dynamics of the site and has been extremely busy over the last few months.

Web manager for Daniel Footwear, Laura Craven said;

“We’ve definitely got more control over the back end of the site. Our previous CMS didn’t allow us to do a simple thing such as adding a new postage option and our previous provider will charge us £30.00 just to add that. Our traffic has been a lot busier since the new site launch and in terms of SEO- I am extremely happy”

Blueclaw are very pleased with the end result of Daniel Footwear’s new website and are working on many cutting edge projects to develop the brand further.

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Daniel Footwear

Established in 1993, Daniel Footwear are based in Leeds and have branches in 17 different cities across the country. It houses an extensive collection of designer shoes and accessories. Daniel’s own-brand products come from factories that supply the leading fashion houses of the world such as Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin.

Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.