Watch LinkedIn Grow [pics]

linkedin employees

Every Cinco de Mayo LinkedIn celebrates its anniversary.

Back in May 5th, 2003, the LinkedIn network started with just 10 people — the founding employees connected to each other. Since then, it’s grown into one of  the world’s largest professional network with more than 100 million professionals in over 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn currently has over 1,000 employees in 12 offices around the world, including London, Paris, Sydney, and Mumbai.

Here are some pretty cool pics that show LinkedIn’s growth in both number of users and number of employees.

linkedin employees
LinkedIn at 500,000 Users

linkedin 2 million users
LinkedIn at 2 million users
linkedin 5 million users
LinkedIn at 5 million users
linkedin 13 million users
LinkedIn at 13 million users
linkedin 20 million users
LinkedIn at 20 million users
linkedin 40 million users
LinkedIn at 40 million users
linkedin 50 million users
LinkedIn at 50 million users
linkedin 100 million users
LinkedIn at 100 million users

Photo credit: LinkedIn Blog

Author: Damian Davila

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  1. ohhh niceee.. linked in is growing and growing and growing. Now they have 200million users. Is there a picture of LinkedIn at 200 million users?

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