Get Your Content Under Control

content is kingInternet marketing statistics are sobering stuff. I mean really sobering.

Did you know anywhere up to 80% of your potential customers will be using the information they get from the web to decide whether or not they do business with you?

To most consumers that doesn’t extend past typing your name into a search engine and glancing over the first five to ten things that pop up – what will they see?

Go ahead and see for yourself.

If Content is King…

If you’re in the position to happily rely on people to type your name or your business’s name into a search engine then you’re actually doing pretty well for yourself all things considered. The difficult charge of competing against established competition is amplified if your business is unknown online and theirs is: whatever your business description, rivals will dominate the search results every time. Any respectable internet marketing agency knows all about this already – but don’t think you don’t need to know the science behind the muscle of search engine optimization and the way your online content dictates your business destiny.

…Online Marketing is Emperor

Content is simply anything and everything your business is attached to that is able to be seen or interacted with by anyone on the Internet. But think about that. There’s millions and potentially billions of pieces of content out there – and not only are people over it, they look over it – mostly all of it. Content competition is fierce. There are only so many hours in the day and only so many minutes people will devote to product and service content. Whether or not your company’s content is ultimately seen is whether or not your online marketing strategy is working. The only way you can get those searches executed is if content is absorbed and curiosity sets in.


What can you do? Respect the awesome power that is search engine optimization – first and foremost. Make it a personal mission to research your industry like a potential consumer would – search what they’d search for, click on the first several hits, and see what you’re up against. Afterward talk with the right people and formulate a solid online marketing strategy. It’s easier than you think and more important than you can imagine. 80% of your business depends on it.

Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.