4 Radio Apps for the iPhone

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There are so many wonderful radio apps out there to choose from for your iPhone. With the endless choices causing you such needless confusion and wasted time trying to decide, it is truly a wise decision that you have made to consult this consolidated and concise list. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and pick one.

Here are 4 great radio apps for your iPhone.

Wunder Radio

Wunder Radio has impressed critics from Rolling Stone to Chicago rags. It is nice that so many world languages are supported by this app. This one choice may trump all of the rest because it provides thousands of internet stations at your beck and call. It offers hundreds of categories as well.

wunder radio iphone

Wunder Radio supports GPS for honing in on your local stations and can stream in the background while you work. The app allows for listening of podcasts and what’s really cool is you can listen to many historical archives too. You will be able to sync with Twitter plus stay safe with weather and emergency streams.

Digitally Imported Radio

Digitally Imported Radio is not for young children due to suggestive lyrics. But those who are of age and dig electronic music are in for a treat. Who would have dreamed that there are so many forms of electronic music to behold?

digitally imported radio

The styles list will guide the newbie gently into the manifold realms. What’s really neat about Digitally Imported Radio is that it is designed by real humans and is not just a random collection of channels from some Google search. If you really get hooked it is easy to upgrade to the premium version for superior sound without any commercials.

TuneIn Radio

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TuneIn Radio is wildly popular so there has got to be a reason right? It has support for nine languages not counting that universal language, music. What’s a trip is you can see the album art and go to sleep and wake up to your favorite sounds with the alarm clock feature. This is an impressive app because you can be entertained by music, talk, sports and more from thousands of cities the world over. You can also be a fly on the wall with the included police and fire scanners. TuneIn Radio includes Bluetooth support for playback on your vehicle’s sound system.

Pandora Radio

pandora radio

Pandora Radio allows you to let the Genie out of the bottle yourself to get your own personalized musical ball rolling. You choose what artist or song that you want to hear and then Pandora, utilizing their proprietary ‘Music Genome Project’ technology, custom tailors a unique playlist of similar content that you are sure to be gaga over. They use trained specialists to program music based on your likes. What’s really convenient is that if you already use the web version of Pandora then it is designed to work in harmony with this iPhone version. You can enjoy your existing selections and add new ones right from your iPhone.

Author: Damian Davila

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