Crowdsourcing Logo Design on a Budget

The other day I encountered an interesting Venn diagram about graphic design:

how would you like your graphic design venn diagram

This diagram reminded me about how difficult is to find a great logo design for a blogger on a tight budget.

You Get What You Pay

As you can see from the intersection of Free, the results will either end in trash, rejection from designers or “try again”. The reality is that in order to get some decent results you will have to be willing to provide remuneration for somebody to be interested in working with you. From my personal experience in developing a logo for, I highly suggest that you seek the services of a professional designer and that you provide a decent monetary incentive. What’s a decent monetary incentive? That depends on the designer and your negotiation skills.

One great way to get the greatest bang for your available budget buck is to hold a logo design contest.

Things to Consider when Running a Logo Design Contest

1. Money is Cool. Recognition is Even Cooler.

Besides the prize money, offer free press for the winner in places other than just your site (unless, you’re a mega blogger star!). Struggling designers will not only appreciate the financial reward but also the free press to promote their work. Make sure to network with relevant media outlets (both online and offline) that would appeal to your potential contestants. If you’re running a hyperlocal promotion, it would be interesting to explore local newspaper, magazines and TV stations. Since content is king, local media providers are always looking for attractive ideas, so if you position your contest just right, you might get their attention.

2. Generate Buzz.

No one will enter your contest if they don’t know about it. Therefore, it is critical that you plan ahead how you are going to effectively promote your logo design competition. If you’re using social media, remember that the first 48 hours are critical for your content to go viral. Don’t just sent out a tweet and cross your fingers, hoping for the best. You need to contact people ahead of time and time their promotion of your competition so that you have enough validation and better chance of going viral.

3. Develop a FAQ sheet.

The devil is in the details. While being very explicit about how people can contact you in case of questions is a good idea, it is an even better idea to already provide the answers to obvious potential questions from your contestants. For example, if you’re offering X amount of dollars, will you be mailing a check? Sending the funds via Paypal? Will you cover the transaction expenses? Think of 3 to 5 questions ahead of time and provide the answers. As your contestants start interacting with you, make sure to update this FAQ sheet with additional questions that you’re receiving.


Great logo design is not cheap! However, through a carefully planned logo design contest can allow you to get the best return for your investment. Make sure to include exposure in relevant and reputable media channels among the incentives for your contestants. Plan ahead how you are going to promote your contest in a sustainable way, and be proactive in providing answers to common questions from your potential contestants.


Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on spec work. I just googled it and it does raise a good point. Thanks for the resources, I had heard from 99designs but not from logopond.

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