Why You Should Tweet on Black Friday

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Did you know that the first brand on Twitter was a retailer?

Yes, the first Twitter brand account was created by one of Twitter’s founders back in May 2011.

Forward to December 2012 and now there are now there are several thousands brands on Twitter joining @earnestswen. Ranging from @Nike to @LuckyBrand, brands have extended their influence on consumers. Twitter has been able to draw some important takeaways about the level of influence of brands. The social media giant analyzed over 7,600 users and their site visitation and purchase behavior on over 700 retail brand websites during the busy back to school season. The study included two control groups: one group of U.S. Internet users who used Twitter but were not exposed to retailer tweets, and another group who represented the average Internet user.

Given the 3 key takeaways about retailer tweets, there is no doubt that you should do updates about Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Deals. Here are the 3 key points.

1. Twitter users who see Tweets from retailers are more likely to visit retail sites.

retailer tweets study

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2. Twitter users who see retailer Tweets are more likely to make online purchases.

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3. The more retailer Tweets people see, they more they visit retail sites and make online purchases.

tweet exposure frequency and corresponding visitation and purchase rate

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According to Twitter on its Compete-commissioned study “Tweets in Action: Retail” study:

Twitter users exposed to Tweets from retailers on 12 or more days were 32% more likely to purchase from those retailers compared to all users exposed to retail Tweets.

Why You Should Tweet on Black Friday

As the busiest shopping season of the year approaches, retailers big and small want to increase website traffic and drive more sales. Whether you are a company or an affiliate marketer,  you can optimize your Black Friday and holiday season sales by releasing more quality retailer-related tweets, more often. So if you’re looking to increase conversions, feel free to tweet more about those Walmart coupons

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