Top Rated Energy-Saving Companies In U.S

energy saving companies

energy saving companies

Consumption of natural resources for energy consumption and the impact on the environment are major concerns in the United States. The demand for energy is expected to rise above 30% in two decades. Many energy-saving companies have been working hard to develop energy-saving solutions for households to reduce utility bills in the long run. These solutions are also less damaging to the environment. Here’s a short list of top rated energy saving companies.

1. Chevron Energy Solutions

Chevron Energy Solutions Company is one of the top installers of solar power projects for educational institutions in the U.S. The company works to develop solutions that reduce costs and increases renewable power. The company is the division of Chevron Corporation. Between 2011 and 2013, the parent company is expected to provide $2.2 billion towards this area for developing energy sources and expanding renewable and alternative energy solutions. Their main office is in California, while branches are situated across multiple cities.

2. NextEra Energy Inc.

NextEra Energy Inc. generates the most renewable energy from wind and the sun in the U.S. They have five plants across Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida and Wisconsin that generate electricity of more than 6000 megawatts. The generated electricity is free of emissions and can fulfill the demand from over 5 million homes. In 2011, 93% of energy generated came from natural gas-fired, nuclear and renewable facilities. The company leads across North America in wind energy. Their main office is in Miami, Florida.


NORESCO is one of the top energy solutions companies in the U.S. The company is backed by the finance of their parent company. Their clients include commercial businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, state and local governments. NORESCO has made energy savings of $2.5 billion possible across 2,000 different sites in the country. Recently, Bedford Country and Bedford County Public Schools in Virginia reached an agreement of $7.9 million with the company. Their head office is in Westborough, Massachusetts, with offices located throughout the country.

4. ABM Energy

ABM Energy is one of the highly rated companies that specialize in energy-saving solutions. The parent company, ABM Industries Corporation, chartered the company in the first quarter of the year to bring energy-saving technologies that can lower utility bills and meet the increasing demand in the green-technology market. The current commitment of energy solutions preferred by the client has spread across North America. Their head office is situated in New York.


Consumers can get rates for energy solutions online for their respective states. For example, home owners in Texas can browse and other reputable companies to compare these rates.

A research report from Institute for building efficiency informs the interest in energy saving has rose by 20% from last year. The number of executives that gave importance to energy management rose from 66% last year to 88% this year. Lightning, HVAC, water efficiency and other improvements have been seen. Households that are not energy-efficient can also get on the ‘green’ plane by starting small with low-cost energy saving items such as LED lights. Home owners with good credit scores are able to secure PowerSaver loans equal or less than the market rate.

Author: Damian Davila

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