5 Tips for Selecting the Right Employees

selecting right employee

selecting right employee

As a business owner, you make a lot of decisions every day. However, few decisions are as important as choosing which employees to hire. The employees you select will likely make or break your business. Excellent employees will make your life easier and help your business thrive while sub-par employees can exhaust your patience and your resources.

1. Have a Clear About Your Ideal Candidate

Before you hire your next employee, it pays to spend time researching the type of employee you really need. First, make sure that you have developed a detailed, accurate job description for the position that you are attempting to fill. It’s difficult to find the right employee if you don’t understand exactly which skills and traits are necessary to thrive in that position.

2. Develop an Effective Job Posting

Once you have updated and proofread the job description, you can create a thorough job posting. You don’t have to overwhelm potential candidates with every single detail about the job, but include the information that is most important to you. If you’re only considering candidates with a master’s degree in finance or five years of business-to-business sales experience, be sure to include this information in your ad so that you don’t have to waste time with job seekers who are not fully qualified.

3. Go Beyond the Resumes

Understanding a candidate’s qualifications, experience and educational achievements is important, but it can be difficult to get a complete picture of a candidate just by reading a resume or completing a short interview. You’ve probably had the unfortunate experience of hiring a candidate who looks great on paper but just doesn’t fit in with the rest of your team. Letting an employee go can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive, so it’s best to make an extra effort to find compatible team members.

4. Leverage a DiSC Profile

Fortunately, today’s businesses have more options than ever to help them connect with high-quality employees. If you want to find a candidate who will work well with those who are already in your office, consider making completing a DiSC Profile a part of your interview process. This innovative test will give you amazing insight into each potential employee’s personality and help you make a well-informed decision.

5. Fine-tune Interview Questions

You can also develop interview questions that will give you information about a person’s values and priorities instead of simply asking job-related questions. It takes some extra time to evaluate a potential employee’s personality, but it’s well worth the effort when you’re able to find the perfect fit for your team.

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Author: Damian Davila

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