Outsourcing Medical Package Testing

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The design of medical packaging can be difficult, but equally difficult is the testing that needs to be done to insure quality, safety and adherence to government regulations.

If your firm has a good design team, it is often best to have the packaging tested by professionals outside of your company. There are several critical tests that need to be done, and it is more efficient to have this testing done by those with the skill and experience to do the job properly. The necessity of specific equipment for proper testing is also an issue, and it is not usually cost effective for a medical or pharmaceutical firm to invest in this type of equipment.

Seal Testing

This is one of several testing areas that your company’s product may need to have done. Designs on paper may not be as durable as they were thought to be once a prototype run has been manufactured. The package sealing is critical for any product that can be contaminated by the outside air.

Leak Detection Testing

If your company’s product is at all hazardous to the environment or directly harmful to other people, then it is imperative to have this type of testing done. If there is any chance that your package will produce a leak, this type of testing will put the package through a series of environmental tests to simulate real-life conditions. Any package design that will lead to a leak will be found after undergoing these tests.

Aging Test

Packages degrade over time, and the only way to know in advance how your company’s package design will respond over time is to put it through accelerated aging tests. These tests are done to simulate the passage of time. If there is a problem with package degradation over time, it is important to know it now before a package fails in the field in the future.

Test Methods

There are a variety of tests done with different purposes to them. Packages can be put through tests that involve exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity levels. This includes rapid changes in both temperature and humidity.

To learn more about the specific tests as well as the specific regulations that apply to your company’s package, there are several firms that can assist you. One example of this type of company that provides package testing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry is TEN-E.

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