Finding the True Business Value of Big Data

business value big data

business value big data

Just as there is plenty of big data for you to explore for your business, there are also plenty of ways for you to look at that data. For instance, you can look at the sheer amount of data that you have available. Big data can also be analyzed by how old it is or the manner in which it was collected.

So where exactly is the business value hidden in these oceans of big data?

Look Smarter

Nearly any pool of big data has a unique type of business value to offer if you’re willing to look smarter rather than harder. You can start your search for the business value diamond in the rough with clickstream data. While there is undoubtedly some great business value in clickstream data, you have to go through it with a critical eye. You can also check out records of telephone calls between customers and your representatives. With so much data to look through, your best bet is to have a specific goal in mind of what you’re hoping to discover.

Just as there are some records and sources of big data that are invaluable, there are also some that you’ll be better off skipping over completely, such as manufacturer created analog records. There are a few gems to be discovered here, but they’ll more than likely take more time than you’re willing to spend to uncover.

Additional Sources

It’s also a good idea to check out customer call center records. These are one of the absolute best sources of business data since they’re created every day. With this data you can get an idea of which areas your business can improve in and where your customers seem to be having the most problems with your products or services.

There’s also an abundance of business value waiting for you in your warranty records. What better way to upgrade your products than to find out where you can make improvements and adjustments to quality? If yours is a medical practice or business, take a close look at your medical records. You’ll be able to see which specific diseases seem to be the most widespread in the immediate area and possibly even when those diseases seem to flare up the most, allowing you to take preventative measures in treating your patients.

If you’d like to learn more about understanding big data or how to gain business value from big data, then turn to knowledgeable experts, such as Treasure Data. All the tools you need to build your business are simply waiting to be uncovered.

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Author: Damian Davila

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