Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Site

Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Site

It sounds so simple: Just choose a name for your brand-new website. Shouldn’t be hard, right? Just go with “name of your business dot com” and you’re done.

But wait. You’ve finished building the site and are ready to register the domain name, but there is already a website with that domain name. Or maybe you just want to come up with something else, something unique and memorable that says more about your brand. Either way, you need a domain name, and suddenly what seemed like a simple task feels like the biggest decision you’ve ever had to make.

It’s easy to figure out how to make a website on your own with sites out there featuring easy-to-use templates to quickly get you up and running. Especially simple if you chose a provider that offers free domain name registration, which is now where your focus turns to. While you can update and redesign the site anytime you want, the domain name is often much more permanent.

To help you out, here are six best practices for choosing domain names that will take some of the guesswork out of finding the perfect name.

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Website Registration And Beyond

website domain endings

The process of launching a successful website begins with the registration of a domain name.

It is important to realize that the domain industry is very competitive. A lot of keywords are already taken, forcing webmasters to come up with alternative names to specific words that were in mind. Generic keywords are very popular and therefore they are all registered.

Most domains that are available usually feature a combination of characters that do not make up any genetic terms or brand names. In fact, it would be a violation of trademark laws to register a domain using a famous person’s name or alias. Therefore, webmasters must be familiar with some intellectual property legalities and technicalities that govern the registration of websites.

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