Web analytics of Flickr.com using Google Trends – Part 2

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The response to the original post Web analytics of Flickr.com using Google Trends has been great!

Not only is the most popular post at idaconcpts.com, a whooping 67.90% of total post views to date, but also got the attention of web analytics guru and Google Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik!

Therefore, I would like to follow up on what has happened since the original post on 08/09/08.

First, there has been a movement on the sites that are also visited by visitors of Flickr.com.

The 09/19/08 updated list is:

  1. bighugelabs.com (tools/widgets/applications to use in Flickr)
  2. darkroastedblend.com (blog dedicated to complement your daily coffee ritual, nice!)
  3. cracked.com (a blog to kill time, plenty of funny pics and captions)
  4. smashingmagazine.com (delivers useful/innovative information for designers and web-developers)
  5. xbcd.com (RPG game in Chinese, what’s the connection here?)
  6. daylife.com (offers a new media alternative to blogs)
  7. photo.net (everything for photographers: photos, equipment, articles, etc.)
  8. tumblr.com (tumblelogs are a new way to express yourself, see #6)
  9. consumerist.com (independent consumer report site, still unsure about connection)
  10. reddit.com (according to Wikipedia – social news website on which users can post links to content)

Important movements from the previous list are:

Please note that I have done the top 10 list as opposed to the previous top 8 list, because previously the top 3 websites were just name variations of flickr.com (e.g. flickr.net).

Some observations:

  • Flickr continous to be searched mainly in the USA.  Second to the USA, India is still ahead of all other countries in looking/visiting Flickr.
  • Inside of USA, California is by far the most active subregion with Flickr.
  • Previously, according to Google Trends, consumerist.com and divinecaroline.com are the top other sites visited by Flickr visitors.  #3 is cracked.com.  Now, bighugelabs.com is #1, darkroastedblend.com is #2 and cracked.com remains #3.

This time I used “flickr” on Google Trends to find its search volume index.


Search Volume Index of term, flickr, using Google Trends
Search Volume Index of term, flickr, using Google Trends


  • The letters above indicate important news related to that point in time that the term “flickr” was searched.  Previously I concluded that “photo sharing is only exciting if it is better” and this conclusion appears to be true because of the following headlines:
  • Yahoo buys Flicrk – ZDNet UK – Mar 21, 2005
  • Flickr goes international with seven new languages – Zee News – May 4, 2007
  • Photo Editing is now a Picnik for Flickr Members Worldwide – HispanicBusiness.com – Dec 12, 2007
  • Flickr Lets Users Upload Video – ClickonSA.com – Apr 9 , 2008
  • Flickr turns to Getty to sell amateur photos – WJLA – Jul 9, 2008
  • Furthermore, bighugelabs.com is, at this point of time, the top site also visited by flickr.com visitors.


New conclusions!

  1. Photo sharing is only exciting if it is better…, can incorporate other forms of media, and can be embedded in blogs (or new forms of blogs!) with a fresh, new approach!
  2. People that spend time looking at pictures also spend time looking at content-blogs for entertainment.
  3. Still unsure about connection about consumerist.com and flickr.com, also unsure about connection between xbcd.com and flickr.com.

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What do you think? : )