5 Cool Education Tools to Check Out in Summer

summer education tools

Nothing has made getting smarter easier than the advent of the personal computer and the inception of the internet, and the last decade has seen a huge crop of deep and deeply interesting educational opportunities present themselves online. From toddlers learning their ABCs to adults looking to advance their knowledge of infinitely complex subjects, there is simply no topic left unexplored by the virtual world at large.

Whether you’ve got children to keep on their toes over the warm, lazy months, or you’re looking for a way to effectively spend your own sunny afternoons, here are five cool education tools to check out in summer.

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What Online Marketers Can Learn from Online Educators

A MBA degree is a highly coveted degree for online marketing practitioners because it backs up our professional practice. However, throughout our MBA education we are hardly exposed to a field that is very relevant to our practice: online education, also known as educational technology.

The field of Educational Technology (ET) explores the potential use and impact of learning technologies in a variety of contexts, and  determines good practices of curriculum design and technology integration.

Educational technology programs such as the Master of Educational Technology at the University of British Columbia provide learning opportunities in:

  • Teaching/Instruction using Learning Technologies
  • Planning and Management of Learning Technologies
  • Design and Development of Learning Technologies

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