3 Reasons You Should Consider Ukraine Companies for Your Software Development Needs

3 Reasons You Should Consider Ukraine Companies for Your Software Development Needs

In the past, it has been common for businesses to run to India with their software development needs. However, this is changing because a new country has entered the field that offers some advantages over just going with the old standby.

The Ukraine has come onto the scene and made a big splash, grabbing attention from many companies in the United States. Using companies within the U.S. has long been an issue due to budget constraints. Local companies simply charge too much for the exact same services that can be outsourced. Now with Ukraine companies in the mix, there is even more of a reason to outsource software development.

1. A Growing Number of Specialists

The number of individuals in the Ukraine that are technology specialists just keeps rising. They have the ability to handle many software related needs and have become experts in this field. They provide the same or better service that you can get domestically for much more competitive prices. In addition, because there is a huge focus in this country on technology, they are on the cutting edge of new developments and know what is happening in the industry. This makes it much easier for your business to get the services you need when you need them.

2. A Commitment to the Customer

One thing about outsourcing is that the companies you hire are going to try harder. They know that there are a lot of myths and rumors associated with outsourcing, and they will do everything possible to ensure they prove those negative ideas are wrong. These companies are dedicated to what they do. They are focused on providing service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

What you will likely find is that they are more willing to work with you in a collaborative effort to ensure you get exactly what you want. In addition, they have superior skills, so they will be able to explain things to you and won’t mind taking the time to do so. In the U.S. one major issue in business is that everyone is in such a hurry. You don’t get that when you work with a company in the Ukraine.

Companies, like Redwerk for example at https://redwerk.com/, strive to ensure they can get a job done even if others have failed at it. They will do whatever it takes to ensure projects stay on schedule and that you are satisfied. This level of customer service is not often seen, but it is the hardworking, dedicated nature of Ukrainian workers that push these companies to the forefront when it comes to customer satisfaction and making them the ideal choice for U.S companies to partner with.

3. A Large Pool of Talent

Due to the fact the Ukraine had to rebuild after the collapse of the USSR, its people have been pushing to create a country that is strong and independent. This has fostered the growth of the IT industry in the country. Young people are getting educated and are able to speak fluent English. They have been taking over this industry and are the backbone of those companies that offer software development services.

Even in the past, the Ukraine was known for having people with great minds who were technical experts. The USSR pulled many Ukrainians into top spots to help as it worked to accomplish great things, like space travel. Little has changed when it comes to the people of this nation. They are still brilliant and hard working. They have now turned their sites on the IT industry. Having this large pool of talent at your fingertips enables you to get the services you need at a price that fits your budget.

In addition, the Ukraine is very similar to the U.S. in terms of culture. It is becoming very European. This makes it much easier to work with these companies because they are relatable. It is almost like working with a local company because you can easily talk to the people you are working with and they understand the challenges you face in your business. In fact, the Ukraine and the U.S. have a very comfortable relationship, which makes it simple to work with these companies.

The Bottom Line: Consider All of Your Options

Outsourcing your software development needs is something well worth considering. If you are looking to outsource, you should consider Ukrainian companies. These companies offer excellent services by staffs that are highly trained and knowledgeable. They are easy to work with and will provide you with affordable services that met your needs.

Image Credit: Jürg Vollmer