Texting: The Better Option to Communicate [Infographic]

Since more and more consumers opt to not sign up for a landline telephone service, a lot of companies are turning to cold calling customer’s cell phones. Unfortunately, this practice is not only annoying to customers, but also inefficient for staff.

First, it is annoying for customers because it is an unsolicited call and if you insist in calling over and over people, the person receiving the calls is going to be completely turned off by your brand or company the moment that they find out who has been calling them all the time. Also, it is annoying for customers because new technologies, such as robocalls that redirect the call to a live person if somebody picks up, appear unprofessional and project an image of sleazy sales person.

Second, it is inefficient for staff because of several reasons. For example, most calling platforms block the phone number so the person receiving the call is very reticent of answering a call from a blocked number. On top of that, calling platforms hang up after a certain number rings so there the caller cannot even leave a voicemail. This reinforces the vicious circle described previously.

There is a better option: texting. Only 1 in 50 text messages goes unread, that’s a great response rate. Much better than even email, where about 10 in 50 company emails sent to consumers go unread. Televox has put together a great infographic to provide some statistics and facts on this rising consumer trend.

Client Communication Infographic
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