How Nano-Coatings Began and Where They Are Headed

Everyone knows someone who has dropped their phone into a toilet, if they haven’t done it themselves. The problem is that electronics are not water proof. They may be resistant to water in small dosages, but after being submerged in water, or dumped on by any other liquid, these electronics are destroyed beyond repair.

The good news is that new nano-coating technology could prevent the damage that is inevitable from electronics being submerged in water. The coating is simply sprayed onto any solid surface, which will then repel almost any type of liquid.

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How the MBA Degree Gives You An Advantage

mba advantage

In today’s global economy, there is an abundance of opportunities for talented business people. American entrepreneurs are exploring international markets that promise great growth and profits. A degree in business studies is respected all over the world. English is considered to be a universal language that is dominant in business, education, media and politics. Therefore, students often seek business degrees from universities that offer such studies in the English language.

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Why Buy Sports Cards?

nfl afc eastern division iphone apps

While trading cards may have lost their luster in recent years, there are still plenty of reasons to buy, sell and trade them. Whether you are just a casual fan or have followed sports for years, having a large collection of trading cards can help you build a bond with your kids or even help you save for retirement.

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Website Registration And Beyond

website domain endings

The process of launching a successful website begins with the registration of a domain name.

It is important to realize that the domain industry is very competitive. A lot of keywords are already taken, forcing webmasters to come up with alternative names to specific words that were in mind. Generic keywords are very popular and therefore they are all registered.

Most domains that are available usually feature a combination of characters that do not make up any genetic terms or brand names. In fact, it would be a violation of trademark laws to register a domain using a famous person’s name or alias. Therefore, webmasters must be familiar with some intellectual property legalities and technicalities that govern the registration of websites.

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California Small Businesses Poised For Growth in 2014 [Infographic]

california small business

California Small Businesses Poised For Growth in 2014

Despite all the talk about businesses being affected by the policies from the current administration, California small businesses are poised for growth this 2014.

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