Who Can Benefit From Outsourcing Payroll?

outsourcing payroll

Outsourcing payroll functions is an excellent option for companies that want to operate more efficiently and at a reduced cost. If you are interested in pursuing this as an alternative to an in-house HR department, this list may help you determine whether your business needs will be best served by outsourcing your payroll.

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The Modern Storage Space of Data Centers [Infographic]

With widespread access to the internet and increased use of cloud storage, it is sometimes easy to forget the amount of data that can be accessed without needing physical space. There is less need to find shelves for photo albums, DVDs, old text books, periodicals, or even handwritten notes. All of that information has to be stored somewhere. As a result, data centers are expanding rapidly to supply the storage that basement shelving would have handled for most people just a century ago.

There are now over 5,000 data centers worldwide, and that number is constantly increasing. All data on the internet runs through a server at one of these centers every time you request it. Check out the infographic by ServerCentral for more amazing facts about data centers.

The Brain of the Internet Infographic

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3 Tips for Finding Your Dream Job

job search tips

Whether you’ve been a part of the job force for years or you’re trying to find employment for the first time, you want to find a job that’s a great fit for you. Needs and preferences vary among job seekers, so a position that your friend is dreaming of might not be what you are searching for.

Regardless of which industry you’re in or how large of a salary you are trying to obtain, you can use these simple tips to help you find your dream job.

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Finding the True Business Value of Big Data

business value big data

Just as there is plenty of big data for you to explore for your business, there are also plenty of ways for you to look at that data. For instance, you can look at the sheer amount of data that you have available. Big data can also be analyzed by how old it is or the manner in which it was collected.

So where exactly is the business value hidden in these oceans of big data?

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5 Surefire Success Tips for the Modern Entrepreneur

tips modern entrepreneur

Whether you’re exploring new territory or reinventing the wheel with an SMB, entrepreneurship has definitely changed in recent years.

In many ways, entrepreneurs have never had it better. While starting a business is never easy, it can be made far less painful nowadays if you understand the current lay of the land. Certain contemporary entrepreneurial habits have proven themselves to be more effective than others.

Use the following tips to guide your efforts when launching a venture.

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