Why do web entrepreneurs blog?

One of the blogs that I follow closely is Futuristic Play by Andrew Chen, which is a great blog about viral marketing, social gaming, and online advertising.  Andrew is an entrepreneur living in San Francisco, CA.

On his latest post, he shares the results of his poll:  “Where do you put most of your effort, for user acquisition?”  I thought this would be a great way to kick my blog.  From the 145 voters, 44 (30%) voted for word-of-mouth, blogs, etc.  Even though the results might not appear that surprising, it speaks a lot about the psychology of web marketers:  we believe that the tipping point of conversion can be achieved through the power of networking.  That is why we spend a lot of hours blogging and sharing our thoughts in social networks to create excitement and informing potential customers about our services and products.

A Jell-O epidemic! Project: San Francisco in Jell-O. More work from Liz Hickok @ http://www.lizhickok.com/01city.html

We want to create an epidemic!

And nobody knows more about creating epidemics than The Tipping Point’s author, Malcolm Gladwell.  He claims that the paradox of the epidemic is “that in order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create many small movements first”.  One obvious question is “how small is small?”.  Gladwell suggests the rule of 150, that is that the size of a group (e.g. movement) needs to remain under 150 because this figure represents “the maximum number of individuals with whom we can have a genuinely social relationship, the kind of relationship that goes with knowing who they are and how they relate to us”.

Well, let’s see how long my small movement at idaconcpts.com takes to reach 150 readers!

Saludos navegantes elefantes!

Author: Damian Davila

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