World Cup 2010 Latino T-shirts

The World Cup 2010 starts this June 11th.

The first games are:

South Africa vs Mexico – June 11 @ 4:00 am (HST)

Uruguay vs France – June 11 @ 8:30 am (HST)

As you can notice the first two matches involve 2 Latino football powerhouses, one from North America and the other one from South America.

Other Latino teams playing in this edition of the FIFA World Cup are Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Honduras.

Latino fans are well known around the world for their passion for the game and their creativity when rooting for their favorite teams.

Buying a jersey from your favorite Latino team is always a good idea, but an even better one is to think outside the box and get some unusual ones that will not only make a great conversation starter but will allow you to support non-mainstream Latino designers.

Here are my 3 personal picks.

1. SOBO’s Limited Edition World Cup Condorito T-shirts

Condorito was created by the Chilean cartoonist René Ríos, known as Pepo. In spite of his Chilean origin, Condorito is very popular throughout Latin America, where the character is considered part of the general popular culture.

If you’re rooting for Chile this 2010, there is no better choice than purchasing the SOBO Limited Edition World Cup Condorito T-shirt. Not only  will Chileans (as well as any Latin American) recognize the T-shirt, but also share one of their favorite jokes from this cartoon character.

Now, so you can actually pull off wearing a Condorito T-shirt, here is some background about the comic:

The structure in Condorito is a very simplistic one: each page is an independent joke, without any continuity on the others (though some jokes are larger or shorter than one page). The jokes are often sexist or male chauvinistic in nature, and some of the details included in the artwork are gender-dependent, but the humor is usually couched in double-entendres that children would be unlikely to understand.

One peculiar characteristic of Condorito is that the character that goes through the embarrassing moment and/or serves as the butt of the joke in a given strip almost always falls backwards to the floor (legs visible or out of frame) in the final panel, although new comic strips have now put the victim of the joke looking at the reader instead. This classic comic strip “flop take” is accompanied by a free-fall onomatopeyan sound (usually ¡Plop!). From time to time, this is replaced by the victim of the joke saying ¡Exijo una explicación! (“I demand an explanation!”), usually as a twist or downbeat ending.

Finally, Condorito’s native town is Pelotillehue, whose rival and neighboring city is Buenas Peras. Both cities usually battle in the national football league championship playoffs.

2. NaCo’s San Cuauh T-shirt

If you’re rooting for Mexico, then you cannot go wrong with a NaCo t-shirt.

This special edition T-shirt by Mexican design house, NaCo, is perefect for fans of the Mexican National team that  feel that Cuauhtemoc Blanco needs all the help he can get to take the team to victory at the Mundial 2010.

NaCo brings you the first-ever football prayer t-shirt that comes with a special prayer on the inside neck as well as its own veladora candle.

The prayer reads:

San Cuauh talentoso de jugadas divinas, llevanos al Mundial con una Cuauhtemina.

Instrucciones de Uso: Vista esta playera 48 horas antes de cada partida de la Tri.

Get your spirits high by invoking the football gods.

You’ll definitely be the life of the party if you show up with this t-shirt and its matching veladora candle. Extra points if you light it up during a penalty kick.

3. Gambeta Mundial Argentina 1978 T-shirt

Last but not least, if you’re rooting for Argentina, then it is a great idea to get the Gambeta T-shirt that celebrates the 11th staging of the World Cup, held in Argentina in 1978.  The cup was won by Argentina, who won over the Netherlands 3-1 in overtime.

With “El Pibe de Oro” leading the Argentinean football team, you bet that this T-shirt has his number on the back.

The 2 stars on this T-shirt celebrate the fact that Argentina has won 2 editions of the World Cup.

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