Condorito World Cup 2010 T-shirts [Mexico, Chile and Argentina]

condorito argentina latino world cup t-shirtThe World Cup 2010 is heating up as all Latino teams are doing well so far in the ‘knock-out’ round.

As of June 14, 2010:

Argentina defeated Nigeria by 1 to 0.

Mexico tied with the host, South Africa, 1 to 1.

Paraguay tied with the World Cup 2006 winner, Italy, 1 to 1.

Uruguay didn’t allow the French team score any points even when they were down to 10 men. The final score was 0 to 0.

Honduras, Brazil and Chile still have to make their debut on the World Cup.

If you’re rooting for Mexico, Argentina or Chile and you’re a fan of Condorito, here are some great t-shirts for you.

condorito world cup t-shirts

Condorito Mexico World Cup 2010 T-shirt

condorito mexico world cup t-shirt

Mexico has qualified for 13 World Cups but can they bring home their first cup this year in South Africa?  Here Condorito sports the playera verde to show his support for El Tri.

If you truly want to show that Mexico means business, then try this Condorito charro for some intimidation.

condorito charro world cup 2010 t-shirt

Charras mexicanas don’t need to feel left out! Condorito’s eternal fianceé, Yayita, sports the a kelly green shirt as she roots for Mexico in the 2010 South Africa World Cup

condorito yayita world cup t-shirt

Condorito Chile World Cup 2010 T-shirt

condorito world cup 2010 t-shirt

Although Condorito represents all Latin American people, he was created by Chilean artist René Rios.  Here he sports his polera roja as he shoots to bring home the World Cup to Chi-chi-chi, le-le-le, vamos Chile!

Another great t-shirt showing Condorito’s support for his native Chile is this one:

condorito fuerza chile world cup 2010 t-shirt

Condorito Argentina World Cup 2010 T-shirt

condorito argentina latino world cup t-shirt

We all know Condorito is a household name in all Latino homes. Here he’s showing off his football skills with a cascarita, while sporting a light blue jersey and rooting for Argentina. Will ‘El Pibe de Oro’ and his team bring home the cup after 24 years?

condorito portero world cup t-shirt

Last but not least, you can support all your favorite Latino teams with this Condorito portero t-shirt. Here  Condorito takes on the extremely important role of the Goalie.

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Author: Damian Davila

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