10 Useful Google Chrome Tools for Web Designers

Whenever web developers hear about new extensions, most become giddy with excitement. Why do they become so excited? Extensions greatly simplify the jobs of web developers by allowing them to perform specific tasks without leaving their web browser.

If you perform any type of design work, web or otherwise, you recognize the importance of utilizing tools to reduce your work time and simplify your daily tasks. As such, if you are an up and coming web developer, here are 10 Google Chrome extensions you will find useful.

1. Snippy

As a web developer, you are likely always noticing well-designed web page elements. The Snippy extension allows you to take snippets of those pages to catalog them for future ideas.

2. MeasureIt!

Ensuring your design ideas will fit within a predetermined space is crucial. Thankfully, this task is now easy to complete with the MeasureIt extension. Use MeasureIt to determine the height and width of any web page areas.


3. Resolution Test

Resolution Test is a very valuable extension allowing you to test your web designs in the most common screen resolutions.

Resoltion test

4. Aviary Screen Capture

The Aviary Screen Capture extension is very popular among those web develops who routinely require screenshots of web pages. Quickly take screenshots of web pages and edit them from within the browser.

Aviary Screen Capture

5. Lorem Ipsum Generator

What good is a web design without knowing if the proper amount of content will fit into it? The Lorem Ipsum Generator acknowledges this dilemma by generating mock text to fit nicely into your web designs.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

6. Domain Availability Checker

Domain purchasing is a hot business for many people and the Domain Availability Checker allows you to inquire on the availability of domain names from within your web browser toolbar. When a hot domain name is on the market, don’t want to waste valuable time by navigating to another website to check on its availability.

Domain Availability Checker

7. PlainClothes

For those times when you must strip the web down to the essentials, turn to the PlainClothes extension to render all elements to your predetermined defaults.


8. IE Tab

Since some websites can only be viewed within Internet Explorer, web developers previously wasted time by opening two web browsers to view a website outside of Chrome. However, this issue is resolved with the IE Tab extension, which allows you to use Internet Explorer to view website pages within a Google Chrome tab.

IE tab

9. Eye Dropper

When you see a color on a website page you would like to use in your own designs, simply use the Eye Dropper extension to pick up that color effortlessly. The color settings will then be displayed for you to record and use in future designs.

Eye dropper

10. Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite isn’t so much a lite tool as a robust extension allowing webs developers to debug, edit, and monitor HTML, JavaScript and CSS in real-time.


Web development is one of the most in-demands jobs currently available. As such, as an up and coming web development professional, the more tools, such as Google Chrome extensions, you can place into your skills arsenal, the more of an asset you will be to potential clients.

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