WordPress vs Drupal: Which CMS is Right for Your Site?

wordpress vs drupal cms

Most websites these days have massive amounts of content that must be managed for the smooth functioning of the site. The role of this falls to content management systems, or CMSes. There are several free CMSes out there that are used all over the web. Two of the most popular packages are WordPress and Drupal. According to Drupal’s own statistics, over a million websites run this CMS package. Even more interesting, Drupal is preferred by sites that have high traffic numbers. However, 60 million sites run WordPress making it by far the most popular free CMS package.

In this article, we will explore what are the advantages and disadvantages between Drupal and WordPress, and which CMS should you choose for your business or personal website.

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9 Tips For Brilliant Online Writing

brilliant online writing

1. Look for an unusual angle

Don’t try to compete with the dozens of others writing about the same topic in pretty much the same way. Instead, write about a unique topic or use an innovative approach to a common topic. Your page will rank better with search engines and your content will garner more attention in social media.

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The Rise Of Hispanics On Social Media

hispanics social media

Image Credit: Latism.org

Businesses have been turning to social media to connect with their consumers in a new and exciting way. More than ever before, companies can interact with their loyal followers and attract new ones by striking up conversations, tapping into their wants and needs, and portraying their products and services through social channels that can reach millions. While the Hispanic community has been included in those marketing campaigns, few have been directed right at them. However, businesses are starting to take notice that Latinos are no longer a minority consumer group. Their $1.2 trillion market is nothing to be sneezed at. In fact, it should be catered to.

Furthermore, Latinos are taking over social media in a big way. They predominantly use platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and they often do so from their smartphones. The Hispanic community is already a marketing force to be dealt with. But many businesses are unsure of how. But the question shouldn’t be, “What can we give the Hispanic community that they don’t already have?” Businesses and marketers should be asking, “What does the Hispanic community already have that we can build on?” And the answer is in the question: community.

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How To Run A Successful Bilingual Blog

bilingual blog

Blogs have become a staple for just about every business, every entrepreneur, and every brand out there. In fact, blogs have become so popular that it can make standing out from the crowd difficult. But with a unique angle, you might be able to give your company’s blog a fighting chance. A bilingual blog, for instance, can expand your readership, attract new consumers, and raise your website’s ranking. The following tips offer ideas on how to run a successful bilingual blog.

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Professional Video Conferencing – 8 Tips For Beginners

professional video conferencing

If you are new to video conferences, you may be hesitant to use them as a communication tool. Professional video conferencing can work in a lot of different scenarios, however, and learning how to run a great conference is pretty easy, even if you know next to nothing about giving presentations. You can run a cross-country meeting, counsel a patient, or even teach a course through professional video conferencing.

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7 Local SEO Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make

local seo mistakes

Imagine spending 20-30 hours a week on your website and realizing that you’re still not receiving any profitable traffic. You’re at your wit’s end working and spending your hard earned money on your website’s local SEO rankings, yet nothing seems to be working.

Local SEO, when done right, can tap into markets that are willing and interested in your business. Get it wrong and all your efforts into ranking high on local search engines might just go down the drain. In this post, let’s take a look at some local SEO mistakes you do not want to commit.

Avoid these 7 local SEO mistakes.

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How To Handle Negative Reviews

handle negative reviews

SEO content has taken a slant towards opinions and reviews, giving writers a chance to raise their voice for profit. But writing reviews online is a tricky business. It’s very much a balancing act, and expects the writer to keep both the readers and the company having their product reviewed satisfied. Honesty is critical to loyal readership, which means that you will write negative reviews. At the same time, however, reviews that are too harsh or seem bias against a brand can create bad relationships between writers and companies. It is possible to be honest, readable, and keep a good standing with your clients, but it takes a little know-how. Here are some tips for better SEO reviews.

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Mobile eCommerce Tips for 2013

mobile ecommerce tips

With the emergence of mobile tablets and smart phones, eCommerce websites need to rethink their overall business strategy to ensure their website is optimized for these devices. Since mobile device usage will only continue to increase in the coming years, it is wise for every eCommerce website to start to think about their mobile eCommerce strategy. By actively seeking ways to improve your eCommerce website in order to generate more sales, your online business will be much more successful.

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The Worthwhile Law Blog: How To Create Engaging Content For Clients, Not Lawyers

lawyer blog

Blogging seems to be an unavoidable phenomenon these days, especially for businesses. Only a few years ago, no business wanted to waste it’s time creating blog posts…and most consumers didn’t want to waste their time reading them. Today, however, things have changed. Blogs are not only followed, shared, and commented on, but they also play a major role in your company’s search engine optimization (or SEO) efforts. Regular content that hits the right keywords can give your law firm greater visibility and higher ranking. Those two factors mean a bigger fan base and more potential clients.

But a law blog inherently faces big obstacles that other blogs, say a fashion or movie blog, don’t. Legalese isn’t everybody’s strong suit, nor do most people care to understand it. From a “civilian” standpoint, law blogs sound boring. But they certainly don’t have to be. In fact, there are several ways to enhance the content on your blog to be intriguing, attract more readers, and essentially breathe new life into the rare and nearly dead worthwhile law blog.

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