Mobile eCommerce Tips for 2013

mobile ecommerce tips

mobile ecommerce tips

With the emergence of mobile tablets and smart phones, eCommerce websites need to rethink their overall business strategy to ensure their website is optimized for these devices. Since mobile device usage will only continue to increase in the coming years, it is wise for every eCommerce website to start to think about their mobile eCommerce strategy. By actively seeking ways to improve your eCommerce website in order to generate more sales, your online business will be much more successful.

I run SEO campaign for one ecommerce website and recently I implemented a mobile version of their website. Then I started to search for the good mobile tips for eCommerce marketing and also start to implement it into their brand new mobile version of the website. Results were great. Here are few tips from my own experience.

Mobile-Friendly Images

When designing your eCommerce website for mobile devices, you will want to use smaller, mobile-friendly images. Being able to clearly see the product they are about to purchase is an important step in the decision making process for a consumer who is shopping on their mobile device. By using smaller images, consumers will be able to clearly see what they are about to purchase and will not have any reservations about whether or not they are going to purchase the right product.

Monitor your Prices

An important aspect of eCommerce is the price of your products. Constantly monitoring the prices of your products to ensure they are in line with those of your competitors will allow your eCommerce store to stay competitive within your industry. If your prices are continually higher than those of your competitors, consumers are more likely to shop at those stores where the prices are cheaper, especially when they can use an app on their mobile to device to locate those lower prices.

Using a repricing tool can help you automate your pricing process, and ensure that your products are priced as low as possible. With the help of one of these tools, you will not have to constantly update the price of your products as the tool will do it for you. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your eCommerce business while you know your prices will remain competitive.

Keep the User’s Experience in Mind

Since using a mobile device offers a different experience than visiting a website on a laptop or desktop computer, you need to keep the user’s experience in mind when they are shopping on a mobile device. By making the checkout process as easy as possible, you will increase your conversion rate and make it more likely someone will actually purchase a product from your mobile eCommerce store.

Avoiding the temptation to include long forms that need to be filled out when someone is purchasing a product or having a several step checkout process will increase the number of sales your eCommerce website receives via mobile devices. With an easy checkout process, people will enjoy shopping at your online store using their mobile device and will likely become a loyal customer.

There is no denying that mobile device usage is on the incline around the world. If you are not addressing your mobile eCommerce website, you should start immediately so you are not left behind by your competitors. Using mobile-friendly images, continuously monitoring your prices to ensure they are in line with your competitors’ and keeping the user’s experience in mind will allow you to create an excellent mobile shopping experience for anyone who is visiting your eCommerce website via their mobile device.

About the Author: Ben Sawyer is currently running campaign for one ecommerce website, . Recently he implemented a mobile version of their website to see how it could affect more sales. Here are few most useful tips from Ben’s strategy.

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