7 Local SEO Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make

local seo mistakes

Imagine spending 20-30 hours a week on your website and realizing that you’re still not receiving any profitable traffic. You’re at your wit’s end working and spending your hard earned money on your website’s local SEO rankings, yet nothing seems to be working.

Local SEO, when done right, can tap into markets that are willing and interested in your business. Get it wrong and all your efforts into ranking high on local search engines might just go down the drain. In this post, let’s take a look at some local SEO mistakes you do not want to commit.

Avoid these 7 local SEO mistakes.

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Why Businesses Need Local SEO Optimization

In July 2012, Google Insights indicated that every second 3.5 people looked up SEO on Google. This means that 9.1 million Internet users are interested in SEO every month.

top 10 nation seo ranking

The interest in SEO is ever-growing. While India and the United States are expected to land in any Top 10 list of nations interested in SEO, there are a few that make you realize how competitive and diverse this industry is. Canada ranks 4th in this list. This provides an interesting insight to online marketers on what regions will require more time and budget.

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5 Sites to Boost Your Local SEO

boost your local seo

Local searches allow businesses to get their names noticed by customers in their area, but taking advantage of local searches can be difficult for business owners that are unfamiliar with local sites. If a business wants to rank for competitive search terms in their local market, they can normally benefit from backlinks from sites that boost local rankings.

While each area and type of business is different, below are five great sites to boost your local links.

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The Importance of Local Search and Local SEO Companies

local search

It can no longer be denied that is critical that not only your business has an online presence but also that your potential customers are capable of finding you through an online search. Back in March 2010, BIA/Kelsey  released a study that found that 97% of consumers use the Internet to do research before buying local products and services. The study pointed out that 90% of them used search engines and 48% used the online Yellow Pages. On top of that, the commercialization of smartphones and GPS technologies has empowered consumers to look for local business on the go.

Local SEO Companies Have the Edge

In the race towards meeting this demand of hyper-local data, local business are quick to fall for SEO businesses that offer them “to become the #1 hit on Google” for just $99. This company could be anywhere in the world and may have no idea about your local market, but hey! that $99 and #1 promise just sound great. This is a mistake. Think about it: you are a local business and you would like locals to find you. If you are a web design Montreal company, why would you trust a company located in Sydney, for example, to run your SEO strategy? Wouldn’t a company located in Montreal be better suited to understand the needs and wants from the local Montreal market? While it can be argued that there are talented SEO professionals around the world, it cannot be refuted that a local SEO consultant will have an edge over an out-of-town one in dealing with a local market.

local seo

Going back to the Montreal example: when looking for a SEO services Montreal company, make sure to look for one that has the┬árequired specialized knowledge, resources and experience to make your business more visible at a local level. As a rule of thumb, beware any company promising you a top rank within weeks. This is a major red flag because it is not only deceiving but also against Google’s guidelines. Ask questions and ask for live ranking examples of current clients. Reputable local SEO companies have built good client relationships over the years and will have a portfolio of local clients ready for you.

This is why local SEO companies have the edge over out-of-town ones.


Potential local consumers are looking for your business online and on their smartphones. Make it easier for them to find you by hiring the services of a local SEO company that can develop the appropriate strategy for your market. Beware of too-good-to-be-true SEO companies.