Why Businesses Need Local SEO Optimization

local seo optimization

In July 2012, Google Insights indicated that every second 3.5 people looked up SEO on Google. This means that 9.1 million Internet users are interested in SEO every month.

top 10 nation seo ranking

The interest in SEO is ever-growing. While India and the United States are expected to land in any Top 10 list of nations interested in SEO, there are a few that make you realize how competitive and diverse this industry is. Canada ranks 4th in this list. This provides an interesting insight to online marketers on what regions will require more time and budget.

The Local Search Advantage

local seo optimization

BIA/Kelsey  found that 97% of consumers use the Internet to research local products and services before making a purchase. Searches by persons that live in the same area as the business are critical for any business that depends on actual foot traffic to drive sales. For example, a Toronto bakery would benefit from residents in Toronto finding them online. Be it through review sites like Yelp or business directories like YellowPages.com, a Toronto business can take advantage of local searches for branding purposes and drive its desired call-to-action.

However, as the presented top 10 list of nations interested in SEO ranking shows, Canada has one of the most competitive SEO markets in the world. Business owners have a busy life: people to manage, bills to pay, calls to make. Trying to follow the DIY route with SEO by yourself without any background knowledge is not only hard, but it will take away time from your already jam-packed schedule.

The Local SEO Solution

Just like the Toronto bakery is counting on its local customers to drive sales, the bakery should count on a local SEO Toronto company to optimize its SEO presence. Leave the guesswork out and hire an expert that can provide you a strategy and measurable results.

Local searches allow businesses to get their names noticed by customers in their area, but taking advantage of local searches can be difficult for business owners that are unfamiliar with local sites. If a business wants to rank for competitive search terms in their local market, they can normally benefit from backlinks from sites that boost local rankings.

By dealing with a local SEO company, you will be able to meet with your rep in person. Also, you could ask for local references, which might end up being business partners or persons that may known through local business associations or events.


Local SEO is a key driver of sales leads. It is key to optimize your local SEO presence so that your current and potential customers can keep up with your offerings and find your business easily. Hiring the services of a local SEO company provides you peace of mind in that you can put a face behind a name and that you can do a background check on the company at a local level.

Author: Damian Davila

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