9 Tips For Brilliant Online Writing

brilliant online writing

brilliant online writing

1. Look for an unusual angle

Don’t try to compete with the dozens of others writing about the same topic in pretty much the same way. Instead, write about a unique topic or use an innovative approach to a common topic. Your page will rank better with search engines and your content will garner more attention in social media.

2. Write for a specific audience

Writing what you would want to read is fairly easy, but you`ll get much better results if you put in the extra effort to write what clients need. Match your vocabulary, tone and type of content to the type of client you want to attract.

3. Outline your writing

If you’re still writing “off the top of your head” like you did in primary school, now is the time to stop. Even a rough plan – a few headings and a couple of points you want to make – is better than no outline. Writing with an outline helps you stay on topic and saves you time.

4. Keep your writing simple

This piece of advice applies both to your content itself, and to its presentation. State things clearly, using concise sentences. Avoid jargon and wordiness. Break content into small chunks, and set off chunks of text by using headings, bullets, lists and other visual tools for presenting content. If your writing is easy to scan and understand, readers will come back to your web site time and again.

5. Stay on topic

Choose a fairly narrow focus for your writing. If you tend to generate too much content when you write, narrow it again. If your outline is getting unmanageable, split your content into two or more pieces. You may even develop a series of articles around a single topic.

6. Edit, then edit again

Don’t just let your spell check correct your mistakes. Read the content you’ve written, and don’t spare the red pen! Edit out anything that isn’t on topic. Be sure everything is stated in the plainest language possible.

7. Write an effective headline

You already know that your title should tell the reader what to expect from your web content. It should also be searchable. Use your keywords in your title and take advantage of trending topics, too.

8. Keep writing

You’ve created a web site and written some brilliant content for it. Great! Now you have to resist the temptation to rest on your laurels. Readers want a dynamic, interactive site that provides fresh content regularly. So keep writing!

9. Be yourself

There is so much web content available these days, but a good deal of it is the same material hashed and rehashed. What makes web content worth reading is often the writer’s voice. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through your writing. It will lend authenticity to your content, and make readers want to come back for more.

About the author: Lisa Mason is a freelance writer, social media community manager and marketing specialist who has been writing on the Internet for more than a decade. She often gives writing advice and tips, as well as social media tips on her personal website. 

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