5 Best Manually Picked Databases of Anything Free

databases of anything free

databases of anything free

Everyone loves freebies, but not everyone knows how to get them. They seem to believe that they have to be some kind of money-saving guru to get something for nothing, and that just isn’t the case. All you have to know is where to look, and you would be amazed at the free stuff you can find. From product samples to full dinners without paying a cent, it is out there.

These are my five personal favorites for free birthday meals, super cheap products and giveaways.

1. FavoriteCandle.com

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Probably my favorite freebie database right now is FavoriteCandle.com. This is a huge listing of companies – sorted by location – that offer free birthday meals and other items (desserts, appetizers, percentage off the bill, ect) for members of their clubs. You don’t have to sign up for anything to use it. Simply put in your zip code and it will give you a collection of every business near you that has birthday offers. You can then click the link to go to that companies page for redeeming those coupons, where you can join their club for free. Many companies also offer introductory offers for sign ups, like a free menu item at your next visit

Others also send periodic coupons to use throughout the year, regardless of your birthday. You can visit Favorite Candle any time for updates to the database, and new special offers to take advantage of. Most coupons will be good for 30 days before or after, but it is specified on the Favorite Candle website. Listings are good for both US and Canadian users. Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?

2. Swagbucks

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I wouldn’t normally suggest a point earning site that has you get cash through offers. I have tried too many, and they are by and large a waste of time. But not this one. Swagbucks doesn’t just make you sign up for offers or do surveys for points (though they do allow you to do either, if you choose). They have a search engine that awards points for use, free videos, trial pay for services you would probably check out anyway, like Gamefly or Netflix, and much more. The prizes are excellent, as well. Think PayPal cash cards, gift cards to Amazon, and whole gaming consoles. Even doing it casually will reap great, free items.

3. The Krazy Coupon Lady

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One of the most heavily featured blogs on the web, KCL teaches users of any couponing level how to make the most of their money. You will find quite a few coupons on the blog itself that can be printed out and redeemed, updates on great deals from online retailers, advice on everything from family life to finance, and a whole lot more. Both beginner and advanced coupon lovers should have this blog on their subscription list.

4. CrayZ-Bee’s Freebies

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Do you like contests and giveaways? How about free samples or deals where you only pay shipping and handling? This Facebook group continuously updates through the day with the best deals on the web, and some off of it as well. A lot of businesses provide inside scoops to the maintainers, which means followers are the first to know. Be sure to change your settings to get notifications when they update, so you can be sure not to miss a single freebie.

5. Freebie 2 Deals

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A lot of what is posted on this blog are deals from retailers like Walmart, Target and the Disney store. There is definitely a family tone to the whole thing. But they post just about anything you can imagine, and a lot of freebie offers as well. They also have frequent giveaways of items and gift cards, so they are worth keeping up on. They also have a Facebook page if you want updates on your news feed instead of through RSS.


Want to get even more use out of these sites? Make a calendar that has you checking each site in rotation. For example, check Favorite Candle once every ten days, Swagbucks once every weekday, and keep the Facebook or Twitter profiles of the others on your feed so you get updates whenever they are available. You would be amazed at how much free stuff you can get with just a few minutes per visit at each source.

Know of any other good sites for freebies? Let us know in the comments.

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