Thanks for the Memory Sticks – Accessorizing the Working Day!

funny memory stickNow here’s the thing – memory sticks!  Is there anyone else out there who, like me, actually has more of these than lipsticks in their handbag? I’m not excluding men here; this is not a sexist comment: I’m sure you corporate business men always have an emergency lipstick in your laptop briefcase! Seriously, since the growth of laptops and portable hardware, it was only a matter of time before our laptop bags overtook our working girls’ handbags as the kitchen-sink carry-all*.  This is why suppliers now offer laptop bags in such a variety of styles and colours and why some designer outlets can charge as much as they do for them – it’s because they know that we’ll (a) love them (b) buy them (c) use them wherever we go!

I’m sure it was inevitable that our memory sticks would also follow along this line – look at the whole spectrum of now on offer, including those colorful caches specifically for corporate environments; it’s simple to spot how the slide into the memory stick mind-set happens:  “I need this one for work ….another for my music … another for extra memory … the pink one for my stuff” – it’s almost getting to the stage where, like my lipstick, I can almost match my memory stick to my working diary and my working outfit!  What’s more, nowadays I’ll happily run out of the house without a lipstick, but not without my memory stick!   It’s fantastic that there is such choice available – in style and color as well as memory-type and purpose, it’s what 21st century working girl accessorizing is all about  – so, now can we have the little charm things please, like you can get for mobiles …?

memory sticks

*  Here I’m excluding WAGS and their amazingly overpriced designer Mary-Poppins carry-all from this working girl remit:  I’m sure WAGS and their wanna-be’s do actually carry more lipsticks than memory sticks, as well as lip gloss, lip balm, lip gel, small lapdog etc.

Musa Aykac is a guest blogger for MobyMemory, he absolutely loves the internet and is a tech geek at heart.

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