Unique Unconventional Marketing Nuggets

Guerrilla marketing ideas are known for their creativity, humor and effectiveness in promoting a concept, product or business. They are also considerably cheaper than mainstream advertising thus attracting even more attention to the business because of their refreshing ingenuity.

guerrilla marketing

Here are some great marketing ideas to use for your business.

Special Calendar Days

Every single day of the year can be a perfect way of engaging in unconventional marketing, using a bizarre holiday calendar. Some examples include National Pig Day, If Pets Had Thumbs Day, Hug a GI Day, Panic Day, Ear Muff Day and Fragrance Day, all of these being in the month of March. You can pick a day that sparks some creativity and go with it as a way of promoting your business.

Temporary Tattoos for Events and Promotions

Another cost effective way of unorthodox advertising is to find some volunteers to get temporary tattoos that promote your business. Most times, people opt for attractive young men and women to carry the tattoos in the summer months where more skin is often shown.


An interesting tattoo or message announcing freebies or discounts can be effectively advertised effortlessly as the volunteers walk around the neighborhood, the beach, the mall or any other location with your target customers.


Simple, fun and effective contests can bring in big business when amusing prizes are up for grabs. You can opt to give away items you already own but do not need. If you have the budget for unconventional marketing, get branded items for the contest such as t-shirts, caps, stationery and other items. This is a sure way of getting customers interested in your business or product.

Print the Business URL on T-Shirts

One of the most effective ways of attracting attention to your business website or blog is by printing the URL on a t-shirt and wearing it around town. It always makes people wonder, “What is so interesting about that website that someone would wear it?” This works best when the website is well optimized such that related keywords searched online will present the business URL in the results. Find an affordable t-shirt printer to use this eccentric marketing tactic for your company.

Use Street Art

ads on busesStreet art is not limited to graffiti. It also includes sculpture, paintings, mimes, singing and dance performances. In most unorthodox marketing art, the concept is more thought provoking, which works ideally for promoting a good cause such as being environmentally conscious or contributing to charity work. However, street art can also be hilarious and carry messages promoting offers or products in a memorable fashion. Make sure that you get all the necessary licenses for displaying art or performing on the streets from your local council administration.

A good brainstorming session can reveal countless other unconventional advertising tactics that can be applied to any kind of business. Choose some of the best that apply to your business and make the most out of this affordable means of marketing today.


About the Author: Haliyma Barrow holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a minor in journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In her free time Haliyma regularly contributes online marketing articles for people looking for marketing careers.

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