4 iPad Alternatives

ipad alternativesIf you’re interested in exploring what the tablet hype is all about but do not want to lock yourself to Apple’s iTunes and App Store, there are many alternatives for you to consider.

While Mac fans will be encouraging you not to consider any other tablet than the iPad, keep in mind that the iPad does not have a built-in HDMI port or a memory-card slot to add storage, and still has no Flash support. Also, take a look at these 3 Problems with Apple’s iPad.

Here is a review of 4 tablet alternatives to the iPad.

1. LG G-Slate

lg g slate

Screen: 8.9 inches (1280 x 768 pixels)
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Thickness: 0.49 inches

Good: Often cited as one of the most robust Android tablets (runs Android 3.0), the LG G-Slate has a great balance between size and weight. This tablet has a 16:9 wide screen for HD video playback that doubles as a great e-reader when held vertically. Online reviews report that it tests well on 2-handed typing. Also, it shoots 3D video!

Bad: Font size is quite small and cannot be customized (as of 4/20/11). Just like the iPad, it does not have a memory-card slot. 3D video still requires the funny red and blue glasses to watch.

2. Dell Streak 7

Dell Streak 7

Screen: 7 inches (800 x 480 pixels)
Weight: 1 pound
Thickness: 0.49 inches

Good: This is a great tablet alternative for those looking for portability over screen resolution. The Dell Streak 7 has plenty of processing power and 4G data, and it has SD and SIM card slots. Dell has priced this tablet on the low range.

Bad: Battery life is noticeably smaller than those of comparable models. Both the camera and screen have low resolutions when compared to other tablet models.

3. Motorola Xoom

Motorola XOOM

Screen: 10.1 inches (1200 x 800 pixels)
Weight: 1.61 pounds
Thickness: 0.50 inches

Good: The Motorola Xoom was designed for power users, who are not concerned with weight and portability. It was the first tablet to run Android 3.0 and it can handle anything that you throw at it at the same time. It has a buil-in mini-HDMI port and it has the option to add a dock for HDTV hookup.

Bad: User reviews have reported that this tablet is a bit clunky to handle when used as an e-reader. The WiFi-only model is priced on the high range. Despite having a 5-megapixel camera, photo quality is not sharp.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Screen: 7 inches (1024 x 600 pixels)
Weight: 0.83 pounds
Thickness: 0.47 inches

Good: The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a 13-hour long battery life. The 3G wireless data performs well in speed tests. Reading e-books and websites vertically is easy.

Bad: As of 4/20/11 still not upgradable from Android 2.2. Given its size and screen resolution, online reviews indicate that it is a bit overpriced. No 4G data.

Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.