5 Proven Tactics To Get More Views on YouTube

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So, you’ve uploaded videos to your YouTube account but it has literally no views!

Or at least not the numbers you’d expect.

Why is this?

I’m sure that at some point along the way, you’re missing some of these pointers.

Check them out:

1. Good Old Networking

Probably the best thing to do when you are just starting out your YouTube experience is to follow the good old traditional networking strategies. Check other people’s channels, vote their videos, comment, ask questions and stir up discussions. Get involved in your community and people will want to know who you are and visit your channel.

Also, think about hooking up with people and start all kinds of joint ventures. Find people in your area of expertise who already have a great following and find ways to partner with them.

2. Choose A Great Title For Your Videos

Make sure your title describes exactly what people expect to find in it. Also, add relevant keywords in your title to make it easier for people to find it. Do a little brainstorming and figure out which keywords would anyone look for in order to get the information you provide.

3. Act On Time & Be Consistent

Did you notice that the most buzzing viral videos on YouTube are timely references to the latest stuff going on in the world at the time? If you’re fast then your views will go through the roof!

But if your niche is not so much about the latest things going on, then you need to at least be consistent. Deliver high quality content regularly and try as much as possible to focus on solving other people’s problems. This creates an addiction to your channel and more and more people would want to come and check you out.

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4. Tag Your Videos

This cannot be stressed enough! Choose the right keywords or tags to help people help you by finding your videos. If you have a cat video and you want other cat owners to find it, how will they if you don’t tag it the right way? Cats, pets, cat food, cat health are just a few sample tags, but you can go even further.

A great way to get more ideas for your tags is to go to YouTube’s search box and enter one word that relates to your area of expertise. What you’ll get is a whole bunch of different suggestions that people are already looking for.

5. Write A compelling Description

You wouldn’t rent a video without reading the description on the back, right? We’re talking about the same thing. Start by posting your website address on the first line of your description area. Then, start to actually describe the content in the video and make sure to include lots of relevant keywords.

Try to write your description something like a blog post. This will make Google and YouTube happy as you’ll be feeding them lots of different keywords to prove that your video brings real value to people.

Hopefully, these five ideas will help you boost the numbers and increase your following on YouTube.


This guest post has been written by Nitin Aggarwal. Nitin is a young and smart Internet marketer. He owns a company of competent virtual assistants- Offshore Ally. If you need the services of a virtual assistant for real estate, you know where to look for.

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2 thoughts on “5 Proven Tactics To Get More Views on YouTube”

  1. I agree. Those are the three most important elements for a Youtube video page. The title, description and video tags. It’s the three areas that Youtube and Google can analyse to see what the video content is all about.

    Social engagement and visitor interaction also plays a large part. Getting plenty of Likes and thumbsup will also tell Youtube that the content matches the search query.

    I recently created a simple, FREE software tools that will extract the hidden tags from any Youtube video. You simply enter your Youtube video URL and the software will extract ALL the tags that were used. Not just the ones in the meta data.

    If anyone would like a FREE copy then feel free to grab a cop from here…



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