SEO vs Design

seo vs web design
Smart bots or sexy design?

We all know that some things go together better than others.

So what about search engine optimization and an attractive website? Common sense tells us that webmasters are divided into two groups; those who only want to sell things and those who just want to entertain the world and share something they are passionate about.

This is fine in theory but we all know that life is not so black and white.

Even if you are writing on a subject you care deeply about you still need to attract visitors as well as pay the bills. Equally, if you are an online business owner then that doesn’t automatically make you the modern day equivalent to an old mill boss who only wants results and doesn’t care how it is done.

The Need of Effective SEO

Let’s look first at the SEO side of things. If we take the example of someone writing about their passion, what good is having a site if no one can find it? Would you be happy spilling all of your hopes and desire onto a site if you knew that your Mum and your Aunt are the only people likely to ever see it? So SEO will give this person the chance of getting a much wider audience, which in turn will give them a chance to earn some money from it.

The Need of Beautiful Design

Turning now to the business owner, they want to make a commercial success of the site but they will probably also want something to be proud of. They will also know that internet users are smart they days and can sniff out a simple money making site no problem. People want something which keeps their interest and gives them a decent experience rather than a site which just tries to get them to click on a sponsored ad or three.

Best of Both Worlds

Now that we have established that, yes, all site owners should be interested in both good SEO and an attractive site we need to turn to the issue of whether this can actually be done. It would be a bit of a disappointment if I were to say that it couldn’t be, wouldn’t it?

Fortunately the two elements are not as mutually exclusive as you might think. An effective SEO campaign can be done on any type of site and doesn’t automatically impose some sort of rigid, unpleasant layout on the site. Luring the big search engines into giving you a higher position can be done in a fairly attractive manner if you place your keywords thoughtfully throughout the site and take care with things such as your backlinks.

Getting the best of both worlds can be done after all, and things which we perhaps had assumed wouldn’t work together can actually match up perfectly.

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4 thoughts on “SEO vs Design”

  1. Nice post — definitely important to focus on both design and search engine optimization, but finding that best of both worlds area is what it’s all about. It’s incredible what developers are created out there — especially the studio press team. Props to them!

  2. Attractive website would have to come first. We’ve notice that once the business owners are drawn to their website then they would ask “How to get more visitors to the site?”. That’s when you can talk about SEO to them. 🙂

  3. I agree with Chris. Ideally you need the best of both worlds. In my line of work presentation is key. However it’s highly competitive so both have to be given strong priority.

  4. Website design is very important, as an attractive and user- friendly website might help in increasing the conversions and decreasing the bounce rate, whereas SEO is also important to increase the traffic and rankings of the website. So, I feel both website design and SEO should be done together.

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