3 Cool Features from Windows 7

windows 7I’ve been using Windows 7 a lot during office hours and I can definitely say that it is by far the best operating software from Microsoft Windows. It is becoming increasingly popular with each computer that is sold and most businesses and schools are now moving to Windows 7 to stay updated.

The Windows 7 operating software allows everyone to learn how to use a computer efficiently with simple explanations and amazing support.

The 3 cool features from Windows 7 compiled here are just a short list, but there definitely many more to learn and explore.

1. Action Center

Have you ever been on the computer and all of a sudden, multiple windows pop up about a potential risk to your computer? Does it seem like it is written in a foreign language and you don’t understand what is going on? Low and behold, the Action Center from Windows 7 is to the rescue. The Action Center was designed to teach users what is going on within the computer and understandable steps to take to fix the problem. It is very convenient and in the System Stray, the Action Center icon will appear with a red X if there is an error or alert that needs your attention.

2. Windows Search

One of the first things users notice right away is the ease of finding files and programs within the Windows 7 operating software. Earlier versions do not have this quality and thus would frustrate users who would not remember where a certain file or document was saved. Windows 7 allows you to search the entire computer to easily locate whatever you are looking for. The search function can be located by pressing the Start button on the System Tray. The search function is also located within My Documents, Photos or any other folder you are currently in to allow you to search wherever you are within the computer.

3. HomeGroup

Quit emailing yourself files to be printed! With Windows 7, you can share media and document libraries within the same home network. It is completely secure as the HomeGroup function is password-protected. You have the deciding factor on what gets shared between the two computers. It’s important to note that both computers will need to be running Windows 7 for the HomeGroup function to work properly. When there are multiple computers at your home or in the office, this can definitely relieve frustration and extra steps when trying to share data.


Many individuals are saying that Windows 7 has made massive improvements since Vista or other operating softwares and that is most likely the reason why it is becoming increasingly popular. Windows 7 offers users the chance to fully understand their computer’s capabilities with simple formats and understandable guides.

Author: Damian Davila

Ideas and concepts from Damian Davila, Ecuatoriano thriving in Hawaii. Pro marketer and blogger. Find him at @idaconcpts on Twitter.