3 Fun iPhone Apps for Cyclists

We all know that exercising is important but for many it remains an activity that they would rather skip. No matter if you cycle for fun or for necessity, it should always be an enjoyable activity.

Spice up your bike ride with these 3 iPhone apps.


runkeeper screenshot

The Runkeeper app uses the great GPS technology of the iPhone to keep track of all your bike rides. You won’t be needing any of those expensive GPS watches anymore. This app can not only track your biking results but also other exercise results from running, swimming and more.

The overall functionality and features in this application are great and practical. It provides you with very useful information. You will receive the following data when and after exercising:

  • total distance
  • average pace in miles/hour or kilometers/hour
  • total time
  • average calories that you burned
  • route that you traveled

This app even allows you to listen to music while you are exercising Furthermore, it allows you to pre-program your own exercise goals (e.g. pace) and it will keep track of exactly where you are while you are busy with any exercise routine. It will update you via audio cues on how you are doing according to the goal that you entered.

Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road and Mountain Cycling

With the Cyclemeter, you will be able to keep track of almost everything while you are cycling and it will motivate you to work harder, go farther, and to be healthier. It turns any iPhone into a GPS-enabled fitness computer.

cyclemeter iphone app

This app can be used also for running and walking activities as well and it is pre-configured for all three activities.

It produces all the results from your exercise activities on graphs, maps, and a calendar. It records years of exercise activities and it will keep track of speed, elevation, distance, and more.

You can set the app up to give you audio feedback on your progress during your exercise activity, for example. You can even share your activities and the routes that you covered on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Maps.

Bike Doctor

The Bike Doctor is already helping thousands of cyclists to repair and maintain their own bicycles and now you can use it too. Having this application on your iPhone is like having a little mechanic with you all the time. Whenever you need it, it will be there to assist you.

bike doctor iphone  bike doctor 2

Whenever you hear a funny noise on your bike or when something feels loose or broken, you will be able to use the application to open a picture of the specific part of your bike that seems faulty. It will then provide you with a list of possible repairs that need to be done. Very handy application to have, indeed.

Author: Damian Davila

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