How to Evaluate Conference Call Services

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There are many conference call service providers out there, all of which are competing for your attention.

Some are free, some are not. But all of them compete with one another to keep you, the user, happy.

They all want you to come back, and use them as your main source for free conference calls.

This can most definitely work to your advantage; however, you must be ready to compare the many services available, and determine whether the free ones are truly free services.

Beware Fake “Free” Conference Call Service

Many providers of conference calls may try to advertise “free” service, and actually offer you a trial, or a free service add-on with your paid enrollment. This type of advertising can be quite annoying, and you may be lead into several dead ends. Many truly free conference call providers will have several satisfied customers who are probably actively vouching for their services across the web. An easy way to determine whether they are actually free is to search the web for reviews of their services. If the service requests any sort of payment, other than a donation, you should be wary. Even if it may be a simple $0.99 charge, they may be actively attempting to enroll you in an auto-pay program. This can be a major pain for those who end up supplying credit card information.

The Limitations of Free Conference Call Services

conference callsUnfortunately, once you find the true free conference call providers, you will be disappointed to find that they will not offer as many services that are offered with paid enrollment.

Many times these providers also offer paid services, with more expensive or highly demanded services being reserved for paid users.

There are many nice providers out there who can offer most of the basic, and many advanced, services for free. Because they are all competing for your attention, the most profitable providers will squeeze in every service they can for the free members, in hopes of converting them into paid members. If you have very basic requirements for your conference calling, then you will probably be quite content with free providers. However, if you need extensive options and additional services, free conference call providers may not be able to help you. Be ready to evaluate your needs and requirements, and have them on hand when you compare services. This will make the process much easier.


With dozens (if not hundreds) of providers, it can be quite time consuming to find the service that best suits your needs. Therefore, you should always search for providers who are popular with the best reviews, and compare them. Not all conference call services are created equal; and not all services can be provided in basic or free packages. Another important consideration is whether you intend to make conference calls with an Internet connection and computer, or with a land based or cellular telephone. The options available, along with pricing, can differ with the path you choose. It is recommended to use VoIP conference call services; because they can result in a cheaper bill, and are more likely to be free.

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