4 VoIP Apps for iPhones

iphone voip 3gVoice over Internet Protocol has come a long way baby!

There are many VoIP apps now available and they give fits to your mobile, landline and cable telephone providers alike. There are those that will mourn the loss of gobs of money by these competing carriers.

The fees they could have extracted from their long suffering customers instead continue on in their pockets. The spoils that the Internet continues to re-allocate continue to benefit the consumer and also those involved in the telephony category. The sound quality of these apps is often better than that of the mobile phone provider’s.

Save some money by using these 4 VoIP apps for the iPhone.


Tribair includes support for 14 languages for international calling at greatly reduced rates. Users enjoy gratis calls between other subscribers. When you include free texting, photo and video messages, it may dovetail nicely with your current iPhone service to help you achieve optimal call quality with the lowest rates this side of Albania.

tribair iphone

Calling Antarctica will cost slightly more than $1.75 per minute while calls to Hong Kong go for as little as .9¢ a minute. Compare your present rates with the varying fees offered for calls to many different nations in order to select your best values.


mobilevoip iphone

MobileVOIP shares built in compatibility with many existing VOIP apps. This gives the program an edge over the Johnny-come-lately. Install the app onto your iPhone and make calls to nations the world over cheaper than you ever thought possible. Bypass 3G and your mobile phone provider completely to make calls over any Wi-Fi connection. Use your 3G network to the fullest while paying little to zero extra service charges. By incorporating support for the numerous telecommunications technologies used by different mobile voice and data providers MobileVOIP enhances your communications options while reeling in excessive long distance expenses.

Vonage Mobile

vonage mobile

Vonage Mobile certainly wasn’t going to sit by on the sidelines while everyone else is cashing in on the VoIP craze. The company known for its crazy commercials and low cellular phone rates is spot on with their investment in telephony. Their app supports Wi-Fi and even 4G. Vonage should be a good bet for users who might prefer to deal with a more established provider. Since they are a larger company their site is more comprehensive, with explanations of their many features and benefits provided in greater detail. Free calls to any Vonage home phone user and High-Def video calling are some of the perks that they offer.


nettalk iphone

netTalk contains built-in support for 12 languages with free calls to the United States and Canada. One handy feature allows you to record your phone conversations. Like most apps of this kind, you must create an account with the provider. Your contacts can be imported directly from your phone to save all of that data entry. Other boons include conference calling, directory information at no charge and the ability to turn an iTouch or iPad into a telephone. For those that do a lot of long distance calling, netTalk offers optional plans for tremendous savings.

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  1. If I could, I’d like to mention the MilliTalk VoIP app. It allows people to make free call each month. We give each MilliTalker a credit they can use for domestic or international calls. Also all MilliTalk to MilliTalk calls are free. Hope this helps!

  2. I have tried these apps, they are pretty good. Along with these I think one should consider http://www.maraconnect.com which is a recently launched app. Its simple, has some interesting features and claims to be having very economical call rates.

  3. I tried MaraConnect recently. I can say based on my experience of using many VoIP apps, its really good. Simple, crisp, well built, strong connectivity and really low call rates for fixed and mobiles.

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