You Don’t Have ADHD, You Have A Thousand Obligations: Finance Apps That Help

finance apps

So the first of the month flitted by.

As did the fifth, and then subsequently the month ended. Oh, months, will you ever change your ways? No. Somewhere between the mortgage or rent, the utilities, the Lowes card, the Capital One, the Care Credit for the cats, of course the car payment and insurance, and let’s not forget Junior’s daycare, somehow something slipped through the cracks of your airtight system… you know, that one notebook you keep on the kitchen counter. It’s not working, and also, it has spaghetti sauce and your dad’s pulmonologist’s phone number scribbled on it for reasons unknown. It’s time for a new system. And if you run your own small business from home or a nearby little office, your notebook is seriously going to love partnering up with an app.

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4 Free Fisher-Price iOS Apps for Kids

free fisher price iphone apps

With the skyrocketing costs for life’s basic essentials a mere norm. It is refreshing to find that there is still a perk or two left out there. Like mobile applications that will kick start your children’s computer aptitude without breaking the piggy-bank. These free apps from the leading toy maker Fisher-Price expand the company’s edutainment vision to encompass today’s technology. Adults can get a breather from their grown up problems when they responsibly supervise their charges’ mobile computing activities. So even grownups may learn a thing or two when as the rock group Queen advised, they “Play the Game”.

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4 Free Fisher-Price Edutainment Apps for iOS Devices

fisher-price iphone app

Fisher-Price has long been the top banana in the field of edutainment. Their educational toys, games and miscellaneous other products define the category. When parents and guardians invest in the early childhood educational development of their charges, the sky truly is the limit. One amazing thing that continues to be so is that educational apps like those that appear on this list, exclusively reviewed here for the world-renowned idaconcpts web site, often have the effect of enlightening adults as well. So climb aboard the Fisher-Price app wagon and prepare for an exhilarating examination of their simple and fun software applications that can also make a vast difference towards preparing kids to enter today’s demanding educational environments.

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4 Translation Apps for iPhones

iphone translation apps

The vexing lack of communication brought upon mankind since that Babel thing is nearly solved. The creative developers that bring you the following iPhone apps are leading the way. With today’s technology bringing the world together in new unprecedented ways, a good translator is fast becoming not an option but a necessity. Whether you are traveling in person or you are reaching across the globe online, do be sure to keep one or more of these translators loaded and ready to enable better understanding of your new friends and business partners.

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Four Useful Dropbox iPhone Apps

dropbox iphone apps

Dropbox is BIG. The Dropbox application has become so big that the San Francisco Chronicle recently highlighted them in a feature article. It’s a cogent statement, acknowledging the massive success achieved by this SF Bay area digital titan of file storage. The article makes a terrific point in that people feel more secure saving their most cherished data with a company like Dropbox that isn’t as pervasive as behemoths Google, Microsoft or Apple. You know. Those bellwethers of the web, that along with providing their now indispensable services sometimes look an awful lot like that Big Brother fellow described in that iconic sci-fi book so many moons ago. Dropbox isn’t like those other choices. They are happy with their place in the file storage sun and wouldn’t dream of being naughty. Bottom line, it’s easy to feel warm and fuzzy about Dropbox. So let the fuzz fest begin! (Plus, Dropbox is also available for the iPad!)

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4 Best Apps for Printing from iPhone

app for printing from iphone

Why bother to get a dedicated app to print from your iPhone when AirPrint is already included in the iOS? Because all printer types are not supported by the AirPrint feature, and even if yours is, sometimes all of the ducks refuse to line up in that proverbial row. If you have an AirPrint enabled printer and the printer is connected to the computer through what is known as Bluetooth, the technology that allows for wireless connection of many different types of devices, your request won’t print. That’s because your iPhone does not enjoy native Bluetooth support for printing. Worse yet, if the printer is attached via a USB cable, the most common connection of the day, well, that’s not supported either.

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4 Angry Birds Apps for iPhones

angry birds iphone apps

The world has been suffering of late from Angry Bird mania. These revengeful little birdies aren’t happy, as the games’ titles imply. It is perhaps another sad reflection on human nature that we can take pleasure in the difficulties of our feathered friends. The truth of this matter is lost on the millions who enjoy giving misbehaving hogs the what for. As we go ‘to press’, even other worlds are soon to be victimized by these avian misadventures. Look for the Angry Birds Star Wars app to be coming soon to an iPhone near you in early November.

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4 NFL NFC Western Division Apps for iPhones

nfl iphone apps

The NFC West is gaining some respect these days. Its teams are on the ascension and those media-centric teams back east may not notice until they’ve let the playoffs get away from them. Football is followed passionately out on the left coast. Perhaps fans may see the benefits of being underrated. You will never fall into that trap when you load one of more of these informative apps onto your iPhone. That’s because all of the latest team specific football news is at your command with these four fan friendly gridiron apps. If you can’t be at the tailgate party you can start your own at home. Invite all of your new football acquaintances to the barbecue.

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4 NFL NFC Southern Division Apps for iPhones

First Titans (and NFL) game ever with @itcouldbepic. Pretty excited.

The 2012 football season is here. How it will play out is yet to be decided. With last season’s division winners in seeming disarray thanks to one of those juicy scandals that fans love and the game’s adherents hate, pundits like Coach Mike Smith and the Falcons’ chances this year. What is great about football is that the pundits often appear foolish at season’s end. Don’t believe the prognosticators when it comes to your favorite gridiron guys. Faith can trump logic in football and that can be vexing for the analysts. If you don’t believe me then consider the Hail Mary pass.

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