Four Useful Dropbox iPhone Apps

dropbox iphone apps

Dropbox is BIG. The Dropbox application has become so big that the San Francisco Chronicle recently highlighted them in a feature article. It’s a cogent statement, acknowledging the massive success achieved by this SF Bay area digital titan of file storage. The article makes a terrific point in that people feel more secure saving their most cherished data with a company like Dropbox that isn’t as pervasive as behemoths Google, Microsoft or Apple. You know. Those bellwethers of the web, that along with providing their now indispensable services sometimes look an awful lot like that Big Brother fellow described in that iconic sci-fi book so many moons ago. Dropbox isn’t like those other choices. They are happy with their place in the file storage sun and wouldn’t dream of being naughty. Bottom line, it’s easy to feel warm and fuzzy about Dropbox. So let the fuzz fest begin! (Plus, Dropbox is also available for the iPad!)

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