4 Free Fisher-Price iOS Apps for Kids

free fisher price iphone apps

free fisher price iphone apps

With the skyrocketing costs for life’s basic essentials a mere norm. It is refreshing to find that there is still a perk or two left out there. Like mobile applications that will kick start your children’s computer aptitude without breaking the piggy-bank. These free apps from the leading toy maker Fisher-Price expand the company’s edutainment vision to encompass today’s technology. Adults can get a breather from their grown up problems when they responsibly supervise their charges’ mobile computing activities. So even grownups may learn a thing or two when as the rock group Queen advised, they “Play the Game”.

Rock Star Mickey

rock star mickey

Rock Star Mickey encourages kids’ early adoption of music. Show them guitar mode and step back as they hone their riffs. Studies have shown that early exposure to music appreciation leads to improved math and science skills over those children who are not introduced to its resonant refrains. And you thought that the prolific mouse was just a fun diversion. Though it might be that no studies have yet been done on fashion and learning, being able to help the star chose his wardrobe, must count for something towards churning out more stylish offspring as well, Paris ‘look out!’

Fisher-Price: BIGFOOT the Monster

fisher price bigfoot

Fisher-Price: BIGFOOT the Monster proves once and for all the existence of the furry mammal that has been the subject of so much speculation. Luckily Bigfoot is friendly and as it turns out, a good baby sitter to boot. The app will help your budding wiz kids’ thinking and analytical skills develop. Share the experience of fulfillment in doing a good turn for Sasquatch as you navigate the mazes to help him find his ball. Speaking of navigation, kids learn in the doing when they search the world for the elusive creature. This app is more fun than a barrel of apes!

Moments of Joy

 fisher price moments of joy

Moments of Joy is kind of like a clubhouse and support group for parents and a Facebook for kids all rolled into one. Throughout history, most fathers and mothers have believed that the whole world should see their home movies. Now they can with Moments of Joy. The app encourages storing those cherished memories in the clouds. It makes it simple to upload them as an image, video or text object from your trusted servant, your iOS mobile device. It is an easy way to jump start that scrapbook that you should have already begun. Yet it’s eminently more practical than a real scrapbook, because you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee on it.

Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Monkey App

 laugh and learn monkey app

Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Monkey App is a swell way to introduce kids to beginning education. The app stands well on its own as a valuable tool in your child’s preschool arsenal. Wield it to begin to unlock the power of education for your child’s betterment. Speaking of unlock, it will be hard not to go ahead and purchase product #X4544, the Apptivity Monkey to complete the package. It runs on 3 AA batteries. You may want to have a spare iPhone to insert into the simian’s green stomach. The Learning Letters Apptivity Monkey will not work with the iPhone 5 series.

For even more Fisher-Price apps for kids, visit SmartAppsForKids.com.