Does SOPA Have a Point? [Infographic]

online piracyDecember 2011 was a month full of drama.  It was the month that our government made a final decision to enact the proposed bills, SOPA and PROTECT IP.

These acts threatened to take away many of our freedoms on the internet, limit our right to free speech, and potentially put a lot of us under legal danger unless we were to remove millions of Youtube videos, etc.  But these bills weren’t designed just to aggravate the online community, they had a purpose.  And that was to help limit online piracy for the entertainment industry.

As a result, Internet Marketing Agency, WebpageFX, known for their SEO packages illustrates just why the government is so concerned about internet piracy.  Now that you know more about the motives behind SOPA, do you still feel like the government’s proposals are justified and that something needs to be done to limit piracy?

Please share your thoughts!

digital piracy sopa infographic

Guest blog provided by Shane Jones, a frequent web user concerned about the future of our internet, but also the impact of piracy on the entertainment industry.

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