4 iPhone Apps that Work with Instagram

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Instagram is like the Windows for photos. It’s the standard. And just like Windows, Instagram needs a little help from other apps to optimize it, bring to fruition its ultimate potential, and cement its place in the continuum of photographic applications. If you are an Instagram user, avail yourself of the apps on this list to secure your place under the photographic sun.


phoster iphone

Phoster users are passionate in their admiration for this nifty app. It allows you to add a text message to Instagram. That of course is just the tip of the iceberg. Because Phoster gives you the ability to create that staple of teenage decorating, the poster, you now can bypass the head shop and make wall décor to taste, or even with lack thereof. Then share your marvelous creation with friends and even enemies the world over via Instagram. It’s an election year so strike up the band and promote your rally with Phoster.


flipboard iphone

Flipboard is the great melting pot app that incorporates all of your growing mish mash of applications into a seamless magazine like look and feel. With the stirring and inspiring photos that it grabs from Instagram, your resulting magazine will have those old fashioned publications shaking in their bootstraps as they survey your competing product. So it is therefore ironic that that epitome of old time journalism, Time, in a commendable act of selflessness, honored Flipboard as a Top Fifty Innovation, thus effectively drawing attention to the medium that may one day supersede it.


instamap iphone

Instamap does for Instagram what the scrapbook did for Polaroids and then some. By taming the many photo streams and directing the varied content to the categories that you select, the app becomes the missing link that stirs the Instagram drink. An Instagram account is required to use the Instamap app. Instamap permits the user to sign up for photo streams. That lets you get photos as they happen from the four corners of the earth and beyond. Talk about way out! Pictures that you probably never would have found without it are magically drawn from the ether to enthrall, entertain and enlighten.


instagallery iphone

Instagallery is the icing on the cake of Instagram.  It is that ornate gold laminated frame in which to display the masterpieces created in Instagram. With it you can create your own pictorial displays to augment and enhance the functionality of Instagram by detailing your gallery of images with minutiae and information to buoy your pictures to the top of the photographic heap. Instagallery can help your images secure a spot on that next wave of Internet notoriety. For the greatest enjoyment of Instagallery it is advised to first open an account with Instagram.

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