Android Apps for Baseball Fans

android apps for baseball fans

For baseball fans with an Android smartphone there is no longer any reason not to be apprised of all that is disseminated over the grapevine pertaining to the great American pastime. It is a new season and even the worst of teams has a shot at the playoffs until the fat lady greases up her lungs to sing the blues. We are all wild things at heart so remember not to grow old and desert the sport that you love. It truly isn’t over ‘til it’s over. With all of the wisdom that baseball imparts make sure you don’t lose out on all of the fun. Download one or more of these four apps and be prepared to play ball.

Baseball Banter Free

baseball banter free

Baseball Banter Free is really cool because it lets the fans be heard. Post your two cents about any baseball related topic to show the world the depth of your knowledge and understanding of this great sport. Users will comment on your posts so make sure that you have your facts straight. The app links with Twitter and Facebook to better inform the world about your amazing baseball smarts. Meet new friends by joining private or public groups or you can even create your own group. Each Major League Team is represented by its own page.

MLB Countdown Widget

mlb countdown widget

MLB Countdown Widget is a splendid little app. It has different themes for each and every major league baseball team. Place it on your home screen and let the automatic update feature keep you informed about all of the latest details, gossip and statistical data that only baseball generates with such amazing prodigality. The countdown feature will excite your imagination by enabling you to follow the developing news and anniversaries of the many accomplishments and numerical oddities of baseball as noted by MLB’s authorized releases. A must have for the fan that has it all.

iScore Baseball/Softball

iScore Baseball Softball

iScore Baseball/Softball makes it easier to keep track of all of the essential details of any type of baseball game under the sun or under the stadium lights. No need to be concerned with getting stabbed by that pencil point again with this app. Appreciation of the sport is so accentuated when one makes the effort to follow the particulars in this erudite fashion. Those that keep score can value the results more fully than those that let their minds wander off of the playing field into who knows where. You’ll be better able to understand the final results and how they got there with iScore in you smart phone.

MLB Baseball News

mlb baseball news

MLB Baseball News keeps you up to the moment with all of the latest on the greatest of sports. What is so groovy is that the app is totally free. Why pay for what you can get gratis so download this app and save the monthly fee over a pay service. Options are included that let you tailor your data stream to your individual taste. Enjoy all of the goings-on from diamonds across the country fed direct to your smart phone. Often the gossip can be as fun as the game itself. Therefore download MLB Baseball News and never miss out on the latest dope.

Got an iPhone? iPhone fans can join in the fun with these iPhone apps for baseball fans.

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  1. In my point of view, baseball fans appear to be more laid back in America than in some other countries. In Korea, the fans are as energetic and entertaining as American football fans.

  2. I’ll take your word for that. there may be an exception here and there.

    ny fans are not very laid back. nor are the la fans that beat up the giant fan on opening day 2011 in LA.

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